How To Market Using Voice Search

How To Market Using Voice Search

Voice search technology is more advanced than ever before, and it’s being increasingly perfected by digital maestros who accurately foresee it playing an important role in the future of marketing. Many entrepreneurs and marketing gurus are nevertheless ignoring the serious potential of voice search because they feel as if it’s incompatible with their brands. In reality, voice search can be applied to a myriad of marketing situations in order to achieve wondrous results that were previously inaccessible to your company.

Here’s a review of how to market your brand with voice search, and which successful use cases you should study to know about the best techniques on the market today. 

Voice assistants are everywhere

The past few years have seen an explosion in voice search assistants, whether you’re looking at smartphones or increasingly popular home devices like Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home. Your company should thus be paying very close attention to voice search, as more and more consumers are indicating that they’ll be relying upon voice technology for their future shopping needs. Companies like Google have done a tremendous job improving the accuracy of their voice search algorithms, ensuring that frustrating translation errors which previously disappointed customers are now increasingly a thing of the past. 

Voice search engines are more popular than ever before, yet companies still aren’t optimizing their websites to ensure that customers are being directed to their important web pages. Reviewing some of the biggest mistakes you can make in the field of voice search marketing will help you ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and compatible with voice search engines which will lead customers to your brand’s digital presence. 

The next step is to review successful use cases of voice search marketing to see how other brands have already tapped into the power of this technology for commercial gain. Starbucks now allows for voice-activated ordering, for instance, because it realizes that many of its younger consumers rely on this technology in a way that previous generations never did. Reviewing these six brands and their use of voice search technology may inspire your own marketing efforts, and at the very least can instruct you on which voice search errors are worth avoiding at all cost. 

Consider these strategies

Voice-enabled reservations are highly recommended, especially if you’re trying to market a restaurant that’s just beginning to reopen in the era of social distancing. People are turning to voice search for literally everything, whether it’s surveying local fast food restaurants or looking for a corporate meeting venue. Companies like KFC recognized this and provided for a voice-search compatible chatbot to ensure that no customer is left behind in this day and age. 

Taking steps to optimize your website for voice search will yield more and more results as time goes on and this tech proliferates across the market. Mobile searches are becoming more common by the day, too, so ensure that you’re not forgetting smartphones as you race to embrace this new technology. Pretty soon, your brand will be harnessing voice search to achieve the best marketing results in your commercial history.