Implementing Telehealth into Your Physical Therapy Practice

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Implementing Telehealth into Your Physical Therapy Practice

As our society has become more dependent on technology for everyday use, we have continued to see how this will affect our future. Numerous changes have taken place throughout the past two decades, and as technology becomes even more ubiquitous, we will see even greater transformations in upcoming decades.

The Internet and other technologies have altered various facets of our modern society, from education to the ways in which governments are operated, and so much more. One of the most influential ways that the Internet has impacted our civilization in recent years has been by revolutionizing the healthcare system.

Numerous aspects of healthcare have been improved by the implementation of technology into the field, with new medical technologies and more. Because of the rise of tech throughout medicine, many healthcare practices now utilize telehealth programs into their business models.

Many insurance companies support telehealth programs, and it is used throughout a variety of medical specialties. One of the most prominent health specialties that telehealth has been implemented into, especially in 2020, has been physical therapy. Physical therapy practices all across the world help to spread the usage of telehealth and lets patients get the care they need from the comfort of their homes.

Outlining Telehealth in Physical Therapy

There has been a major increase in the amount of telehealth usage in recent years, especially in the physical therapy field. The PT field has changed drastically in the past decade, and physical therapy telehealth has been one of the greatest transformations.

Telehealth has become increasingly more prevalent in PT because both therapists and patients have needed this service to become remote. Telehealth draws many therapists to the field whom may have only considered working remote, and also enables patients who are unable or would prefer not to leave their homes the opportunity to get top quality care.

How to Employ Telehealth into Your Practice

There are numerous steps you need to be aware of when employing a telehealth program into your PT practice, and learning about the procedure is essential. Top physical therapy telehealth systems need to have a streamlined process in order to be effective for both patients and therapists. Procedures like building a payment gateway, a registration and scheduling system, and other logistical elements is the first step towards creating a great program.

Next, you have to work with therapists to create set itineraries, similar to what patients would be doing in-office. Understanding that there will inherently be issues is critical for your program to be successful; some of these issues include poor connections from patients’ homes, as well as general technical problems on their computers and webcams. Another major issue is the lack of availability of equipment in patients’ homes and building a tailored schedule that takes that into account.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how to implement a telehealth system into your physical therapy practice can be extremely challenging if you do not understand the right steps. Learning how to apply a successful program into your practice will take knowledge, diligence, and more, if you want to give the best care possible to your patients.