Find Your Audience and Boost Your Business: The Top 5 SEO Keyword Tools

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Find Your Audience and Boost Your Business: The Top 5 SEO Keyword Tools

Are you checking your website traffic, only to be disappointed by the trajectory of the downward sloping or plateauing graph?

Boosting your website’s SEO is the best way to get free advertising and targeted traffic from search engines. But how do you convince Google to like you?

One of the most important aspects of good SEO is keyword research. Targetting high-ranking, good quality keywords is essential for SEO strategy.

Lucky for you, there are amazing SEO keyword tools to help you do this, and here is a guide to the top 5.

1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs is a fantastic tool that gives you incredibly in-depth analytics of each keyword. You get information about keyword difficulty, first-page competition, and backlinks.

Ahrefs tells you exactly how many backlinks you’ll need to compete with the top 10 pages for that keyword. That sort of information is invaluable and makes your job a whole lot easier.

2. Google Search Console

This is a bit different compared to classic SEO keyword search tools. The value in using GSC is that it shows you data regarding the performance of your website.

You can see the keywords that your site is already ranking for by using the ‘search results’ function, and use this to optimize your pages.

If you don’t have a company like XPM agency managing your SEO, then this is an absolutely necessary tool for you. 

3. KWFinder

This is an extremely powerful and user-friendly tool, the best kind of combination in tools for SEO keywords.

There are a ton of features and a beginner guide to help you get familiar with the tool and keywords. There are a lot of features including keyword difficulty, which is very important. It’s a tool completely dedicated to keywords and is great for identifying long-tail keywords with high-ranking potential.

4. Google Trends

This is an incredible free Google tool. Google Trends offers up-to-date keyword data and recently trending topics. This means you can perfectly time content or campaigns with trending keywords.

It’s a really useful tool for planning your content calendar by keeping track of the exact time that keywords increase and decrease in search traffic.

While this is not a standalone keyword tool, it should definitely be part of your SEO strategy

5. SEMrush

This is an all-rounder, complex keyword tool that has a ton of useful functions for SEO. It can give you details on the keywords that your competitors are using, it shows keyword trends, and offers long-tail keyword options.

SEMrush is good at identifying profitable keywords that your competitors use by collecting advertising data. For deep-diving into competitor data, this is the perfect tool.

The SEO Keyword Tools You Need

There are tons of SEO keyword tools out there and it can be overwhelming when choosing the right one for your business. These top five tools cover all the basics and intricacies of keyword research and will help to boost your organic traffic. 

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