Primis Review – A Solid Video Discovery Platform for Publishers

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Video Discovery Platform Rating 5/5 Stars

Summary of Primis Video Discovery Platform

Primis is the leading video discovery platform on the internet. They enhance and extend online experiences by working with publishers to help users discover high quality and engaging video content. which is fully customizable, integrates seamlessly and increases audience engagement. Our Primis review will give you all the relevant information to decide if you should work with them or not.

They were formed in 2007 originally called Sekindo and eventually joined Universal McCann as the company grew. This is a good sign to see that the company is backed by one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

Publishers are using companies like Primis more often as video monetization continues to skyrocket here in 2020. They boast strong numbers with over 120 million unique users, 1.5 billion minutes of video content, 12 million new video content reccomendations and 1.3 billion video ads.

They are approved by the IAB transparency and Consent Framework group, a member of TAG (Trustworthy Accountibility Group) and their traffic is vetted by Pixalate to ensure high quality traffic for advertisers. We can also see that they are 100% ads.txt compliant, GDPR compliant, have their traffic vetted by MRC, include IVT pre-bid (Invalid Traffic) filtering and manually vet and onboard all their publisher partners.

Primis is comitted to Combatting Fraud via Exchangewire

Primis Review Video Discovery Unit Types

The Primis Video Discovery unit has three distinct ad unit types, In-View, Perfect Fit, and Forefront. In-View is their most unique and recoganizable unit which will maximize video distribution by reccomendation contextually relevant videos. Perfect Fit is designed to look and feel like a part of your page for a seamless user experience. Forefront brings a publisher’s editorial content to the forefront on a clean video player. It is important to note that these units are fully customizable and their tech teeam will customize the unit to fit any web page.

Primis also works with larger publishers primarily to promote their own content. The advantage they give them is that they don’t need to manually decide which video or playlist goes on each page, their tech automatically does the work for them, sharing the most relevant videos for each article topic.

Let’s take a look at some example screenshots below:

primis ad unit examples

Their units have powerful monetization with major brands, DSPs and SSP video demand connected. Publishers also have the ability to integrate their direct, programmatic, open market and private marketplaces to further boost CPMs.

This unit is great for publishers who do not have their own video content but want to serve video ads on their site. The Primis library already contains 1,000’s of videos from various verticals which can be matched with your content. They even have a team of editors that hand select trending videos for the unit in real time.

Publisher Testimonial

The team at Primis has been integral in both implementing video on and across our sites, as well as efficiently monetizing our content. Primis provides an agile technology with the video and ad tech experience to back it up. The customer success team is data driven and takes the time to focus on our specific needs.

– Steve Boymel VP of Business DevelopmentFarlex Inc.

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