Jobs For People With A Disability To Work From Home

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Jobs For People With A Disability To Work From Home

Here’s a harrowing thought — you sustain an unexpected injury, and as a result, your ability to work is limited. You now are looking at jobs for people With A Disability. It’s not pleasant to consider, but as Dan Rose, personal injury attorney, notes, there are more than a few common scenarios that might lead to such an outcome.

Of course, not every disability is the result of an injury or run-in with a trip and fall accident lawyer, but the overarching point is that having a disability can make it hard to get around, and thus harder to work.

Thankfully, though, there are ample opportunities for employment that individuals with disabilities can perform from home, eliminating the need to commute and providing flexibility that can better fit with their lives. Here are a few such remote opportunities you may want to consider. Jobs in 2020 are becoming more remote and gig based.

Freelance Writing

If you have a talent for stringing words together and can do so quickly, freelance writing might be the avenue for you. There are plenty of clients out there looking for skilled wordsmiths, and if you’re the type who can build your own audience through blogging and social media, there may be yet another path to branch into here…

Affiliate Marketing

Some brands will pay you to help advertise their products on your platform(s). If you’ve ever read an article and seen the words “Amazon Affiliate Link,” then you’ll know what we’re talking about here. As mentioned above, if you can build an audience, this is yet another way you can diversify your income working at home.

Virtual Assistant

Administrative jobs for people with a disability perform an important role for businesses and businesspeople. Some of these positions and duties are of such a nature that you can carry them out remotely. If you have prior experience working in an administrative position or supporting a business/office, you’ll want to scour the web for these opportunities, in addition to advertising your expertise on job boards.

Transcription Work

If you’ve got a good ear and quick fingers, you might be able to earn money performing transcription services. While Medical transcription might be one of the most well-known in this regard, it’s not the only branch of the transcription tree you can explore. There are opportunities for transcribing interviews, lectures, online videos, and plenty of other material as well.

Remote Customer Service

With the right setup and a friendly attitude, you can provide customer service support right from the comfort of your own home. You’ll need a degree of phone presences and amiability, obviously, but if these things come naturally to you, then working the call center from home might be just the job you’re looking for.