5 Ways to hide an IP address in 2020

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5 Ways to hide an IP address

While using the Internet every day, we all are threatened to lose our safety and anonymity at some point. It’s said that once you enter the web and post something, it’ll never disappear, even if you delete it. Why does it happen so? Because everyone has assigned their unique IP address while browsing the web. You’ve probably heard of this IP address term more than once. But do you know what it is and how to hide an IP address?

The IP address, which stands for an Internet Protocol, is a unique set of numbers assigned to every device connected to the web so that websites could establish your location. So, the more electronic devices you have, the more IP addresses you possess. And all of them are different. To access any information online, you need your IP address, and you can’t, in any way, avoid using it. However, there are some ways to hide it. The best thing you can do is just mask it with another IP address. And now you’ll find out how to do that. 


Being insecure while using the web is something normal. You never know who has access to your data and how they can use it against you. Therefore, one of the safest ways to hide your IP address is by setting a special VPN software, which works like a hiding tool. It encrypts your real IP address before you start using the web. Moreover, thanks to that, your connection speed is even faster than before. Not only does it allow you torrent, but it also protects your identity online. VPNs are also helpful in going around the so-called geo-restrictions required by many websites, like Netflix, which try to detect whether you hide your IP address or not. With VPN, you’ll romp through that straightaway.  

Now, you may wonder how to choose the best VPN. Don’t worry. Here, you’ll find the best IPVanish VPN Review, where you can compare offers from different VPN providers and select the most suitable to your needs. 

When it comes to the cost of such services, some of them are free, but you choose them at your own risk since they may entail hidden dangers, such as malware and stolen data. To avoid any additional threats, you’d better buy a premium VPN software, which is a much safer and more reliable solution for your web presence.  


Another option, frequently chosen by those who are scared of their anonymity online is Proxy. With that at hand, you can easily access geo-blocked content so that you could, for instance, freely watch a live Australian tennis match when being in the US. 

But apart from that, they have a few drawbacks, unfortunately. Using Proxy can significantly slow down your online activities, which will only get on your nose. Also, it’s not as safe as a VPN, not hiding your traffic, and leaving you exposed to some security dangers. This solution isn’t secure for torrenting and accessing geo-blocked content on streaming sites, either. Many popular websites will quickly recognise that you’re using this protection, and your access to them will be immediately blocked. 


If you want to hide your IP address at cost, the best free option available now is Tor. It’s a free network, which controls and runs your traffic through different servers before it reaches your destined website. By using this method, the site can’t track you in any way. So, your IP address will be always entirely hidden from external links. And it’s quite easy to use. It’s enough to download a Tor Firefox extension, and that’s all. From now on, your online existence will be protected totally for free. 

Public Wi-Fi

Among less safe methods on how to mask your IP address is using public Wi-Fi. Since your IP address is assigned to you by your Internet service provider, connecting to a different network will provide you with another IP address. So, why not take your laptop and work a little bit outside, for example, in a nearby café? Whereas your activity won’t be traced by anyone then, you may be vulnerable to other threats, like hackers or malware. Thus, it shouldn’t be your ultimate solution, but rather a temporary one. 

Dynamic IP connection 

If any of these answers don’t speak to you, your last resort is to use a dynamic IP connection. For that reason, you must contact your Internet or broadband service provider to find out whether your device operates static or dynamic IP address. If it’s static, you can’t do much about it since it’s permanent and can’t be easily changed. That’s why,  always ask for a dynamic IP connection, which is far easier to replace, and allows you to have and use many IP addresses.

Although all of them cover a similar geographical location, they aren’t assigned to any particular address, which makes you completely anonymous. And that’s your point. So, if you aren’t afraid of arguing and cooperating with your Internet service provider by phone, you can afford a dynamic IP, which will act as your final remedy. 

If you’ve ever felt insecure on the web, now you already know what to do to change it. All you need is to choose the best IP protection and effectively mask your IP address against any security risk, lurking you at every turn.