Secrets on How to Take Advantage of Google Play App Store Search Ads

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Inside Secrets on How to Take Advantage of Google Play App Store Search Ads

Are you looking to launch a brand new app soon? Do you want your app to stand out on the Google Play Store? Then you need to use the Google Play App Store Search Ads. 

There are over 2 million different apps in Google Play today. With this sheer number of apps, there are hundreds of direct competitors you need to go toe-to-toe with. But through Google Play Search Ads, you can boost your app’s visibility. 

You can somewhat level the playing field. 

But how do you take advantage of this feature? Continue reading below as we look at some inside secrets in maximizing Google Play’s Search Ads.

Understanding Search Ads

You may be wondering how do Search Ads work? As we mentioned earlier, you can increase your app’s visibility on the Google Play Store by creating Search Ads. Google makes your Search Ads appear whenever users type a certain keyword.

For example, if you are promoting a basketball game app, Google will display your Search Ads whenever users search for “basketball games” in the search box. However, if users type the exact name of your app, then your Search Ads will not appear.

The idea behind this is to keep you from spending on users who organically search for your app.

Another key element that plays a crucial role is the App Promotion Campaigns. There are three types to choose from, such as the following: Universal App Campaigns, Mobile App Installs, and Mobile App Engagement

But let’s focus on the Universal App Campaigns. If you choose this method, Google will use your apps’ store listing, specifically your text ideas and assets. They will take these elements to create different kinds of ads.

Thereafter, they will post these ads across various networks and formats. These include Google Search, Google Display Network, Google Discover, AdMob, and YouTube. These formats all belong to the Google family.

But if you choose to use Mobile App Installs, Google will only display the promotional ads only in one place. As for Mobile App Engagement, it aims to “remind” your existing users about your app to generate new engagements.

Keys to Maximizing Google Play App Store Search Ads

On top of reading this helpful Google Play Ads tutorial, there are valuable tips you can use to maximize your Google Play App Store Search Ads. Let’s discuss them in detail below:

1. Create Compelling Ads

Focus on creating compelling ads. You want your ads to come with creating messaging that focuses on user benefits. Moreover, you need to incorporate your keywords into your creative messages.

When it comes to your language, avoid using a generic call-to-action (CTA). A generic CTA may lead to less user engagement with your ads. Instead, formulate a CTA that is more specific, personal, and direct-to-the-point. 

Furthermore, make sure that your messaging reflects what your brand is all about. Create clear and solid headlines. This is one of the first things users will read.

Mind the length and character limits. Shorter headlines work best especially if users are already searching for your brand. But for Search Ads, longer headlines that take up more clickable space are better. 

2. Practice Conversion Tracking

Another key to maximizing your Search Ads is conversion tracking. This allows you to track different kinds of conversions and determine if your ads are effective or not.

There are two kinds of conversions you can track. There is the App Installs and In-app Actions. Measuring App Installs means checking if your ads effectively convince people to download your app. 

You can track this by checking Downloads from Google Play.

On the other hand, In-app Actions pertains to actions within your app. Hence, you will check if your ads drive users to purchase.

The good thing about Google’s app conversion tracking is that it is safe and secure. Google employs strict security standards. They only track pages that come with a Google conversion tag.

They also use secure servers, as well as data encryption. However, you must first provide clear and extensive information about the data you collect from your website. Additionally, you need to get their consent first before you collect their information.

3. Perfect Your ASO

You need to learn how to perfect your App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO involves optimizing your app store page to improve your app’s visibility. In turn, this will generate more traffic that leads to more conversions.

Start with your metadata. Optimize your app’s name, description, short description, and subtitle. Moreover, do the same thing with your URL, Developer name, and category.

Keep your title to a maximum of 30 characters. Your short description must also be 80 characters long. As for the main description, keep it to a maximum of 4,000 characters.

Also, optimize your screenshots, icon, and video section.

4. Mind Your Target Language

After working on your ASO, shift your attention to your target language. This is the language that you will use to display your ad. 

Check your target language and see if you are using the appropriate one. If you are catering to users from different countries, make sure your Search Ads come in the correct language for each country.

No matter how appealing or optimized your ads are, if users cannot understand what you’re saying then your efforts may only be for naught.

5. The First Week Rule

Another useful tip is to practice the “first-week” rule. This means measuring your Search Ads’ performance after the first week since launching.

Give your strategy a week before giving it an initial assessment. From there, make the necessary improvements to make a more effective ad.

Create Better Apps

By maximizing your Google Play App Store Search Ads, you can promote your apps faster and increase their visibility. And as the competition becomes stiffer, you need to focus on creating more solid apps in the future.

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