Brands That Have Gained Major Success Thanks to Reddit

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You will be forgiven if you are still skeptical about marketing on Reddit. Brands have shown hesitance when it comes to incorporating Reddit in their marketing plan either because they think the leads will not convert or they don’t understand the power of Reddit accounts.

Yet, despite these fears, I’m going to cover notable brands that have managed to pull it off and achieve positive results. 

Spotify Data Usage

One of Reddit’s strengths is developing an in-depth conversation about an issue. And for that reason, Spotify decided to use the platform to understand consumers’ perspectives about their services and preferences. 

Within a month, the brand had received thousands of comments and hundreds of brand interactions creating unique playlists based on the campaign. Spotify utilized the data to create customized playlists that any user could post. 

Since then, the company has prevailed on Reddit and has since been named Reddit’s community Brand of the Year. It shows that the ability to blend in with the community is crucial if you want to succeed in Reddit marketing.

Red Bull Utilized Reddit Upvotes

Red Bull has been consistent in creating content and sponsoring various events that are appealing to the audience. The brand seems to understand its audience and engages them in every platform that they are found.

Red Bull understands the popularity of the drink on Reddit and takes advantage of Reddit upvotes. It engages them in simple updates and reminders to maintain the interaction and keep the brand popular among the topics. This form of interaction on Reddit among other strategies is what has kept Red Bull on its toes. 

Nissan Increased Sales

Authenticity has been Nissan’s secret to successful marketing on Reddit. Reddit quickly shoots down brands that only concentrate on promoting themselves and have no regard to contributing to the community genuinely. What Nissan did to avoid this form of a shoot down, they enlisted two of their community managers as Redditors to handle all the threads on the site and invite requests. 

Nissan has since received numerous orders of their vehicles through delivery platforms such as Amazon. This development should encourage marketers to run their campaigns on Reddit after understanding the community and its humor. 

Lenovo Knew the Secret

Initially, Lenovo partnered with Onion Labs to create a football series and invited the community on Reddit to create another version of a similar game and stand a chance to win multiple prizes. This marketing campaign attracted numerous game submissions and more than one hundred thousand Reddit upvotes. 

Lenovo’s marketing strategy may not feel like so, but it is clear that the brand understood the most appealing things to the Reddit community. It is understood that the community is actively creative, collaborative and would like to get in such challenges and emerge winners. The outcomes of the marketing strategy showed that Lenovo had gone to the right people and platform.

While it would be challenging to market your brand on Reddit, these brands’ achievement proves that it can really work. You need to give the audience information that interests them the most and be sure to witness success on your brand.