Mint mobile review – Its pros and cons

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mint mobile review

Mint Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that operates with a discount cell carrier. These carrier service ride on the tower of larger and legacy carriers, which allow them to offer users monthly services at a fraction of its actual cost.

Mint mobile offers reliable services to subscribers because it operates on the T-Mobile network. Mint Mobile offers prepaid plans to customers by paying for services in bulk instead of the month to month subscription offered by other Mobile Virtual Network Operators.

Just like other players in the mobile phone carrier providers, Mint Mobile is a company that cannot be visited in a physical location but is an online company. Because they cannot be visited physically, they offer new and existing users an excellent customer’s service relation via an instant messaging or chat.

All online carrier services and other businesses have their benefit and flaws to their customers. It is essential to know about their advantages and shortcomings;

The pros of Mint mobile

  • Buying more helps to save more money: The use of mint mobile service allows customers to save more money. Mint Mobile offers customers various subscription plans at a pocket-friendly price. These plans come with unlimited talk time and text for the entire period of the subscription plan.
  • Mint Mobile referral program: Mint Mobile offers a considerable benefit to customers who refers five people to subscribe to its services. They reward the customer that has five referral $240, which is enough to put forward the next data plan. Mint Mobile also offers the referral’s friend $15 subscription credit.
  • Free international calls to Mexico and Canada: Mint Mobile offers subscribers free international calls to people living in Mexico and Canada.
  • Mobile hotspot at no extra charge: Mint Mobile afford their clients the chance of connecting other devices to their high-speed data at no cost.
  • Porting of the phone number at no cost: The transfer and porting of a phone number to Mint Mobile comes at no charge. All you need do is to authorize the release of your phone number to Mint Mobile.
  • $15 Starter plan: Mint Mobile offers customers a subscription plan for as low as $15. This cost is friendly to low and middle-income citizens.

The cons of Mint Mobile

  • No chance to change your current plan: Any data plan you subscribe to remain valid until it ends. You are not allowed to either upgrade or downgrade until the subscription ends.
  • There is no monthly pay-as-you-go plan: Mint mobile does not offer users pay as you go plan. Data are awarded to users after they have paid or rewarded specific token based on referrals.

Mint Mobile offers customers a dependable service at a reasonable price. With unique plans and excellent customer care services, mint mobile services are worth trying.

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