How Can Your Business Utilize VR Marketing?

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VR marketing is a great way to capitalize on the growing market. The cost of the hardware has significantly dropped, thus making it a great emerging market to get into before it is too saturated.

But what does VR marketing entitle and how do you get started?

Here is everything you need to know to get started with VR marketing.

What is VR Marketing?

Virtual reality marketing is the process of using smart devices, whether this is a smartphone or a dedicated virtual reality machine, to create an advertising experience for consumers.

This can be done by letting people download marketing experiences or hosting virtual events that people can join. The events can showcase concepts and products, without the need to be present or have a fully complete model. You’re also not limited to space or reality, so you can get as interesting as you would like.

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What Trends Do We See With Virtual Reality?

The VR market will continue to expand as it becomes more accessible to the daily consumer. The initial upfront costs that used to be in the thousands, now barely reaches into a couple of hundred dollars.

This trend of decreasing costs with an increase in supply has lead to more people being able to purchase products. Rather than being on a waitlist, most individuals can go to their local electronics shop and pick one up.

What Makes Virtual Reality Different From Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is often mistaken for virtual reality, but they are different. With augmented reality, you’re focusing on changing the real world through technology. This is why games like Pokemon Go have taken off, as they bring you into the real world to interact with the digital one.

Virtual reality is the full immersion into the digital world. While you can place the real world into virtual reality, you are still not necessarily interacting with it.

VR Marketing Examples

A good example of virtual reality marketing is when Lowe’s set up a virtual exhibit home designer. It allowed you to take your house and customize it as you wish. This allowed you to get an idea of how you wanted to stage your home and then Lowe’s had the products to make this a reality.

Another example would be Volvo. They set up a digital drive with their cars as a way to “test drive” them without necessarily being near a dealership. It gives you the idea of what it was like behind the wheel before you even had the car in your hands.

VR Marketing is the Way of the Future

VR marketing is going to continue to expand as people find innovative ways to use the tools. Soon you’ll be able to practice a recipe from a food brand or see if snorkeling is a good idea on your next vacation.

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