What Is Direct Mail Marketing? The Basics Explained

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Are you a business owner looking to grow your customer base, boost your sales, and increase your brand recognition? To stand out from the competition in your industry, you must prioritize high-quality communication.

Direct mail marketing can help you create sustainable, meaningful relationships with long-term customers. Do you know what direct mail marketing is? If this sounds like a foreign concept to you, have no fear. 

For more on the basics of direct mail marketing and how it can help your business, read on for our simple guide. 

  1. What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is any physical piece of communication sent from your business to a potential or existing customer. This may come in the form of coupons, sales catalogs, event flyers, and more. This strategy provides a simple, quick way for customers to make a purchase, attend a promotional event, or learn about your business.

Within the last year, major companies like Amazon Prime, Uber, and more all used direct mail marketing to connect with customers. No matter the type of mail sent out, it will always contain a call to action that invites the recipient to support the brand in some way. Many big brands use this as a way to send exclusive offers or incentives to potential or existing loyal customers. 

  1. Why Is It Important for Your Business? 

If you’re a business owner, investing in a direct mail marketing strategy is crucial. While sending promotional material to a mailbox may seem outdated, it’s highly effective for several reasons. 

Studies show that the average lifespan of a digital email or message from a brand is 17 seconds. The average lifespan of direct mail is 17 days. While it’s easy for some digital marketing messages to get overshadowed or deleted, direct mail is much more memorable.

Depending on your industry and target audience, it can also have a higher reach and return on investment. For example, if your target audience is senior citizens who don’t use social media, direct mail is a much more effective way to communicate. Not only does this strategy make for a more hands-on experience, but it also allows you ways to get creative.

In an increasingly digital world, it’s becoming more rare that we receive physical advertisements. With direct mail marketing, you can experiment with ways to stand out from your competition and make an impact. 

  1. How To Get Started 

As one of the first direct mail marketing tips to follow, it’s important to know your mailing list. Defining your audience’s demographics will help you create successful direct mail advertising tactics. 

You may also consider consulting an agency that will help you find direct mail leads. Agents can develop a quality lead generation strategy that can help you get the most bang for your buck. 

While it’s important to always include a call to action in your mail, it’s also important to direct customers to your online presence. If you have a website or eCommerce shop, don’t forget to promote it. You’ll see an increase in sales as well as brand recognition. 

Grow Your Business Today

Now that you know the basics of direct mail marketing, what are you waiting for? Gain new customers and grow your business by developing your direct mail marketing strategy today.

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