Trusted Apps to Keep Your Home Safe Using IP Cameras

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Trusted Apps to Keep Your Home Safe Using IP Cameras

One thing is certain – we don’t live in a perfect world. No matter how much or how little we have – or how safe our neighborhood appears to be – burglaries still do happen. This is a fact that gives a lot of people anxiety and leaves them feeling as if their homes and families are exposed to intrusion at any given moment. I can definitely get a bit paranoid and always double-check all my locks before going to bed. Still, more caution is needed.

Use wifi cameras to prevent intruders from accessing your home

A great way to make sure that your home is protected is to install a surveillance system. These used to be extremely expensive and reserved for the large mansions of the rich. Nowadays, however, such a protective mechanism is available to almost everyone. A couple of simple webcams and a universal wifi camera app are enough to create a system that will keep your home under close scrutiny at all times. With the best IP camera app for iPhone, you may even be able to set up a motion detector as well as automatic 911 dialing. The list goes on. The best IP camera app for Android is also likely to offer a good connection to your new fire alarm and protect your property from intruders as well as accidents.

Set up a home network & monitor remote areas of your property

Keeping an eye on a small apartment is easy. Having a larger property, however, can be tricky. You will need a good remote mobile video surveillance in order to cover all parts of it. Be sure to obtain a wireless security camera with app compatibility and create a closed home network to keep everything in check. With an at-home camera surveillance app, you should be able to monitor every inch of your house and land using nothing but your smartphone or tablet. I live in the country and have quite a few acres so this sort of strategy helps me keep intruders out. An outdoor security camera with app compatibility has really changed the way I feel about my home.

Learn how to place cameras indoors & avoid dead angles

Even with the best indoor home security camera, you still risk dead angles burglars are able to take advantage of. The same goes for any outdoor security camera with app compatibility. It’s important to know how to prevent such a scenario. Some smartphone apps used to connect your video security camera to your portable device will offer you great advice on how to solve the problem. I will share only one pro tip with you. Find the best outdoor home security camera you can afford and put it indoors. They are generally better and have stronger connectivity. The rest you will be able to find among the apps listed here. They should be enough to keep your home secure.

Best Apps to Increase Home Security with IP Cameras

Ever since I started using such affordable feats of modern technology, I must admit that I haven’t had a single home intrusion – even if my part of the state is not exactly among the safest.


Home intrusions and burglaries are a reality that we must face and protect ourselves from. Setting up a home security system using wireless cameras and your smartphone is perhaps more affordable than ever. Make sure that your system operates as a closed network and find out what are the best positions for the cameras to avoid dead angles. You will feel a lot safer knowing that your home is under your control 24/7.