Thought Leadership Marketing at the Age of Online Influence

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Thought Leadership Marketing at the Age of Online Influence

The “thought leadership” concept has raised a lot of buzz in
the digital marketing environment during the last several years. But what is
thought leadership?

Many entrepreneurs and marketers have no idea how and when to
use it, mostly because they are not familiar with its applications. If you’re
one of those people, today’s article will help you acknowledge and understand
the thought leadership concept.

What is Thought Leadership

Thought leadership marketing could be defined in many ways.
Nevertheless, I will provide two definitions:

  1. 1. Thought leadership marketing is content marketing that taps into the experience, talent, and passion inside one’s business or community with the purpose of answering the most pressing questions and problems related to a specific topic and target audience.
  2. 2. Thought leadership marketing is the skill and art of positioning your brand as a thought leader in the industry by providing the best possible content out there. By crafting and publishing unique articles, case studies, videos, research, and any other type of content regularly, members of your industry and potential clients will start perceiving your company as an authoritative voice.

Some of the most popular names in the marketing industry that
have built their reputation through thought leadership are:

  • Seth Godin
  • Jeremy Epstein
  • Dave Gerhardt
  • Tom Goodwin
  • Vanessa Fox
  • Brian Dean

You’re familiar with their names not because of their amazing
business accomplishments, but because of their original published insights and
ideas. Through exceptional content, they’ve managed to gain the trust of many
brands and followers.

Your brand can achieve exactly the same result by developing
content that resonates with your target customers and other members of the
industry (competitors and indirect competitors).

Let us have a look at some of the best marketing techniques to
establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Shape Your Reputation

Thought leadership marketing is all about reputation. Becoming
a thought leader cannot happen overnight, as you need to build credibility and
a lot of followers.

To start shaping
your business reputation
, you need to start providing a
lot of value to your target audience. By sharing your experiences and ideas for
free, you’ll show that educating your prospects is more important than
financial profits. Always be transparent, authentic, and genuine!


If you want to become a thought leader, start thinking
. Start approaching innovative ideas and original
insights that your competitors are never addressing. Perceive yourself as a
pioneer and act like one. Take Elon Musk. He’s one of the biggest thought
leaders in the scientific communities because he’s making his plans and
technology available to the masses.

Publish Research Papers

Start producing high-quality white papers and research papers
that are strictly related to your industry. By providing new insights, you’ll
gain the trust of both your customers and industry peers.

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Post High-Quality Content

An established brand that aims to become an industry leader needs to post content on a consistent basis — not just any type of content but amazing content.

For example, if your competitors are writing about the same
topic superficially, use the Skyscraper
to craft a comprehensive blog post that covers
everything that’s ever been covered and more. Write long-form content and focus
on providing real solutions.

Guest Post

Guest posting is another productive way to establish yourself
as an authority in the field. If you manage to submit your content to highly
authoritative platforms like Forbes, Entrepreneur, or HuffPost, you’ll
skyrocket your brand’s awareness and reputation. When it comes to guest
posting, start small but aim high!

Be Very Active on Social Media

Your social media presence lends credibility. The more relevant
content you create and curate, the more engagement you’ll build around your
brand. Try your best to engage with your followers directly as frequently as
possible and do your best to lay the foundation of a loyal community.

Create Podcasts and Videos

Text content is just a small piece of the pie. To become a
reputable thought leadership leader, take advantage of the other possibilities
like video and audio content. Start interviewing known influencers within your
industry and share the interviews through podcasts or videos. Create FAQ
videos, testimonial videos, and explainer videos.

Host and Attend Industry-Related

The purpose of industry-related events is to create purposeful
with your peers. By attending or even hosting
industry events, you’ll be able to share your original ideas and insights,
create press-releases about the events, and interact with some of the most
important names in your industry.

Broadcast these events online whenever possible to show your
audience that you’re regularly participating in important industry meetings and
that you’re staying ahead of the game.

Support Non-Profit Movements and
Social Causes

If you get used to helping humanity by supporting various
social causes, you’re going to gain not only attention but also a lot of
respect from your peers and followers. Show compassion and be genuine. Try to
make the world better, and you’ll reap huge benefits out of it. The biggest
brands are already doing it, and they’re doing it for really good reasons!

Write and Publish a Book

Writing and publishing a book that explores industry-related
theories and practices can get you a lot of attention. Even if we’re
experiencing the digital era, a book is a sign of true professionalism because
it exemplifies your true expertise in your industry. A book will always make
your views and insights trustworthy!


Thought leadership marketing is one of the most effective ways
to turn your brand into a legacy. The main differences between mediocre brands
and highly-successful industry leaders are defined by standards and strategies.
Start applying today’s strategies right now and focus on the bigger picture!

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