All Digital Marketers Should Know About These Business Intelligence Tools

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All Digital Marketers Should Know About These Business Intelligence Tools

To guide you towards the most useful and efficient business intelligence tools (as reporting software), we have compiled this list of the best. These will help you use tools for analysing customer behavior, transforming data into useful information sets, setting higher standards for human efficiency and increasing sales. There are many other uses that you may have found, or will find in the future.

Business intelligence tools are best
described by breaking the phrase name down. They can be utilized for data
discovery, marketing analytics, synthesizing interactive reports and more. The
field is growing fast. Since there is so much software available, with such a
vast range of uses, the first most important step is to question what your
intentions are.

What do you want to improve? What has reached its full potential using human resources and will benefit from business intelligence tools? Continue reading to find some possible answers to your needs…


With opportunity for powerful data
visualization with software tools such as parameter actions and vector maps,
Tableau helps you to transfer data from device to device in many different
digital formats. There are more than 900 learning resources (with over 100
training videos), with a very high level of flexibility. Many of the analytics
resources are free for students, educators and small businesses that don’t work
for profit. Data collection systems such as Google Analytics, ServiceNow and
Astera can be combined with Tableau for ease. For regular users, the software
begins at $70 per user per month.


What some people may love about this tool
(though some may not) is its self-service use. Data analytics include a range
of data visualization tools, different dashboards and the ability to create
data reports with a unique drag and drop designer.

“The artificial intelligence assistant Zia answers questions on demand, making
use very easy. Collaboration is made easy, especially as there are many third
party integration options. The software works across Android and iOS apps. The
pricing begins at $22 per 2 users per month,” says Jane Pettus, programmer at State Of Writing and Big


This is a hybrid-cloud platform that
combines all your data into one place. There is a range of interactive
dashboards, business intelligence apps and self-service analytics available to
users. Though largely self-service, there is active customer support and even
reporting help for issues with eCommerce, IT analytics, finances, digital
marketing, human resources and so on.

Sisense has been reported as very easy to
manoeuvre, with responsive customer service. ODBC can be used to connect
Sisense to third party applications such as Office, to enhance data
visualization and reporting.


Data intelligence and machine learning are
combined, making reporting data and improving the efficiency of data analytics
very advanced. A useful tool is the ability to publish reports and scalable

“Using the CSS Interface Customization,
Iframe Integration and other tools, InetSoft can be integrated into many
different environments. Another benefit of this software is its offer of
customizable pricing options, so you will pay for what you use in a more
personalized way.” Says Gene Noll, digital marketer at OXEssays and Assignment


Since 2010, Metric Insights has been used
to automatically pick up on data anomalies and find unique and powerful
integrations and plug-ins to connect data easily. Data insights are offered on
all devices and everything is on one useful portal. Metric Insights is one of
the best business intelligence tools for integration, with availability to
integrate with even infrequent services such as iTunes. It can even work with
other business intelligence software, such as Tableau – this will be useful if
you are analysing data between enterprises that use different business
intelligence software to your own.

Business intelligence tools are here to offer advanced and complex data analysis services to all businesses, making technology much more accessible. Data discovery is not longer limited to advanced analytics specialists, and these five tools can aid you in becoming part of the fast-moving field. They are known as versatile and informative, though also recognize that your public communications are highly important in creating customer loyalty, and such, customer success.

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