Top Free Ways to Rank Youtube Videos

Top Free Ways to Rank your YouTube Videos

Youtube is one of the most visited websites on the web with billions of users and streaming videos. A lot of content producers are looking to stand out within the search results but it has become harder with competition. Learn top free ways to rank your youtube videos.

All You Need to Know About Youtube Algorithm

A video ranks based on two main factors. Watch hours and engagements. The top list of trending videos is generated by the most watch time + shortest amount of time of most amount of engagements. So whatever video is getting the most user feedback in the shortest amount of time and getting the highest watch times, will become one of the latest trending video.

To increase your standings in the search results, you need to increase both your watch time and number of engagements. This tells the Youtube search algorithm that you have a good video that people are responding well to and they display your video more to users during relevant searches.

You can optimize your video many ways to improve the search results. The easiest way is by changing the search title, meta description and tags to target your keyword. Find the base keyword you want to target then create a number of tags that include the base keyword.

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking on Youtube

After you have optimized the video search engine title, description and tags, change the video to private and re publish to re trigger the indexing process. There are more ways you can increase search results by boosting the rankings using Video Marketing Platform such as

Improve your engagements and video conversion to increase rankings. Youtube displays videos that people are showing attraction to. If you can show Youtube your video is getting a good response from users, automatically this will help your rankings and visibility.

The most important element to getting good engagements is by either creating entertaining videos or educational videos. This increases the watch time on your video by keeping the video viewers interested and wanting to watch more of your content.

What Not to Do to Rank Videos on Youtube

Do not buy massive amounts of backlinks and send it to your video link hoping this will improve your video ranking like it did in the past with SEO. This will not help you rank your YouTube videos. Backlinks although they can increase the amount of traffic that is coming from outside sources other than the video platform, they do not play a big influence on where a video will show in display results.

Avoid click bait where the video has nothing to do with the title, image thumbnail or description. This will lead to bad video engagement and downlikes which will make your content display less because it will be flagged as a bad video that people are responding negatively too.

Tips on How to Get More Video Watchers

When you are looking to get more watch activity, and rank your YouTube videos we often hear to post through your social media and to link from other sites, but here are a few other strategies to increase views.

Link Your Videos – once in a while you will see one of your videos get a massive amount of traffic seemingly randomly, once it gets displayed in a high search volume area. By linking your videos you can make sure you keep the users on your channel watching other relevant content you have created. You want to keep the viewer interested and watching more.

Engage With Comments – Using your username while logged in, engage by posting comments on relevant videos to yours. Create interesting comments that attract the eye of the viewer without directly promoting your content as that would be considered spamming. The more you comment and get your username out there, the more chance on creating new lead channels.

Post Content Regularly – To attract a following and subscriber base, it is recommended to post regular content once per day or minimum few times per week. This is especially important for new promoters just started to create and promote content with videos. At first it is common to see very little viewer activity but by consistently posting unique, interesting and relevant content the user base and number of subscriptions will grow and provide more predictable views.