Friendlier and Better: Mint SIM Cards for iPhone

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Mint mobile is popular and among the best mobile carrier services in America, offering high-quality internet speed at very reasonable rates. As the demand for Mint mobile keeps increasing people with different phone brands want to try out the Mint SIM. You can purchase the mint SIM by ordering it online from the Mint mobile app or purchase Mint starter kits from different stores and online shopping platforms like Amazon. 

As new iPhones keep coming out, many people are finding it difficult to use the Mint SIM on their iPhone. However, there have been some alterations to address the issue, and the creators of Mint are working on something to improve Mint SIMs for iPhone.

Supports IOS 12.0 or higher

Your Mint SIM card will only work on an iPhone that supports IOS 12.0 or higher. So you can use an iPhone after the iPhone 5s.

iPhone Models that Support IOS 12.0 or higher 

iPhone 11 pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, and the iPhone 5s.   

Note: You can purchase most of the latest iPhones from Mint mobile, and the best part is that these phones come with good data package deals.

How to set up data on iPhone

Once you have inserted the Mint SIM into your iPhone, follow these simple steps to activate data on your iPhone:

  1. First click on the Settings icon on your iPhone home screen
  2. Choose the cellular option in the first section of the settings menu
  3. Make sure that both LTE and cellular data are on
  4. Click on the cellular data option and enter the following information: 
  • Cellular data

In “APN”, type “alpha”

In “Username”,  leave it blank 

In “Password”, leave it blank 

  • MMS

In “APN”, type “Wholesale” 

In “Username”, leave it blank

In “Password”, leave it blank

In “MMSC”, enter the link

In “MMS Proxy”, leave it blank

In “MMS max message size”, type “1048576”

In “MMS UA Prof URL”, enter the link

  1. After you have entered the information above, restart your iPhone and enjoy Mint Mobile internet services.

Unlocked iPhone’s

Mint mobile SIMs only work on unlocked phones. An unlocked phone is one that is not associated with another mobile plan or carrier and allows your phone to use other phone carriers.

If you want to start using your new unlocked iPhone on Mint, you have to open iTunes on your computer and follow the instruction there to unlock your device. Once you have followed the instructions, insert your Mint SIM and continue your device setup.

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Final Words 

You may know that Mint Mobile doesn’t support ESim technology unlike other carrier services. However, we hope and believe that Mint mobile is working on something better to improve their Mint SIM service for all iPhones. 

Mint Mobile has proved its excellence in the carrier service industry, and it would be a loss if you didn’t give it a try. For a better insight on Mint Mobile, you can check out this in-depth Mint Mobile review.