20 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

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With 2019 being in full swing, marketers around the world will apply their brains, experience, new ideas and technology to create powerful full funnel marketing solutions.

Clickconsult,A UK based digital consultancy focused on Maximizing Global Visibility of Brands and SMEs Online, created a solid infograhic titled 20 Ways to Elevate Your Search Marketing in 2019

Infographic Summary:

Organic Search (SEO)

It’s all about EAT ( Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness). EAY Extends beyond your website – with many recent updates focusing on quality and authority, it’s important to build your reputation through quality content on site – but also across your industry.

Natural Paid Links

Paid-For links are generally bad, but links which have a barrier to entry can also add credibility. You pay for membership of a chamber of commerce, but they vet the sites they link to for quality so payment does not automatically guarantee a link.

Circle of Trust

Look at your competitors and pay attention to their backlinks. Are they getting more links from reputable sites? Do they have more authority? The “circle of Trust is something to focus on in 2019

Speak up

Speakable markup is already available in the US and will likely roll out globally in 2019, so making sure you are ready to optimize your voice search is a must.

Image Search

27% of all searches across 10 properties are for images. With Google rolling out the ability to search Google Image results on mobile. It’s time to get savvy about optimizing your images.


All agencies are going to need to offer a Comparising Shopping Services (CSS) Platform as standard to compete. However, a curveball will be if the EU decides that the way Google has gone about sidestepping the ruling will continue to be tolerated.

New Bid Modifiers – PPC

With in-market audiences making the jump from Display to search in 2918, we are pretty confident that a number of other interest categories must also surely be in the pipeline for becoming a search bid adjustment soon.

Ad Space

Long gone are the days of dealing with very restrictive ad space. Expanded ads in 2016 put an end to this, but with most advertisers not knowing how to fill the space effectively we expect this to improve when they turn turn to new technologies.

More Automation.

Machine learning and automation have been the forefront of new features Google has been pushing. Responsive Search Ads, Smart Shopping, additional bidding strategies to name just a few have all found their way into many strategies.

Paid Social

Once Paid Social campaigns were primarily the domain of advertisers who didn’t have budgets large enough to make an impact with Google Ads. Now, almost every large advertiser is spending significant shares of their marketing budget towards it. Expect big changes in all paid social platforms as larger advertisers move more budget towards these channels.

Live Streaming/Re-Broadcasting

Live streaming has grown even more popular in 2018 and it’s not set to slow down. Particularly on Facebook and YouTube, due to increased engagement, more pages are turning to live streams for everything from line-up announcements to product launches.

Social Listening

The Ability to Analyze in detail specific industry conversations and competitors can provide meaningful data and a great advantage for your social media campaigns.

Algorithm Changes

Social Media Channels are constantly testing algorithm updates. Twitter introduced the option of a chronological feed and rumors of Instagram and Facebook implementing further changes to their algorithm in 2019.

Augmented Reality

Since Snapchat introduced augmented reality options in 2015, it’s grown in popularity across all social channels. However, with Facebook set to partner with over 700 AR companies means it’s only to get more important.

Vertical Content

70% of all social media time is via mobile devices and marketers need to remember this. 2018 launched IGTV, which we expect to grow, and YouTube introduced vertical functionality. Let your video stand tall in 2019.

Personalized Content to be Bigger

Personalized content is the new norm. Think about that birthday email you get from your favorite restaurant giving you a special deal. When it comes to content marketing, personalization engages audiences at a level traditional campaigns can’t.

Super Niche Content Creation

The Internet is saturated with the same repeated advice. To be heard, you need something different to say, and this will be crucial in 2019.

More Bite-Sized Content

Our attention spans seem to be getting shorter. To combat this, creating shorter “snackable” sized content is the way to go.

Videos will Continue to Rise

Video has increasingly dominated the way we consume content and it’s not set to change. Companies using video rose from 63% in 2017 to 81% in 2018 according to Wyzowl – this will increase in 2019.

Embrace Live Video

80% of consumers would rather watch a live video than read a blog post. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have made this easier than ever, so get streaming.