Mobile Marketing Index By Kahuna

Kahuna, a company specializing in marketing automation and customer engagement shared a great infographic showing mobile marketing trends in Q1 2016.

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Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index

Infographic Summary

The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index shows engagement metrics and key market insights.

Opt-In Rates Fluctuate by Industry

  • 60% Opt-in rate across all industires

Top Performing Industries for Opt-In

  • 76% Gambling
  • 73% Business

Lowest Performing Industries for Opt-In

  • 36% Media
  • 40% Finance

Push notifications Improve Retention

  • Push notifications can have a big impact on the onboarding of your users, which in turn impacts their long term app usage and retention.

Messaging Helps Prevent App Uninstalls

  • App users that receive push notifications how lower rates of app uninstalls than those that do not recieve push notifications.

Worst Industries for Uninstalls

  • 7.1% Medical, Health and Fitness
  • 1.8% Utility and Productivity

Most Common Reasons for Uninstalls

  • Poor timing of messages
  • Messages are not personalized
  • Too many messages