Ad Tech in New York vs. Paris

Smart Ad Server, a reputable full stack ad technology platform created this great infographic that describes what ad tech is like in two very different cities.

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Ad Tech in New York vs Paris

Infographic Summary

Users in New York Spend around 2 minutes 30 seconds a day on business apps, but only around 30 seconds on sports apps. It’s practically the opposite for Parisians

New York’s data plans can be expensive, so people use wifi as often as possible. Parisians can enjoy a crystal clear 4G Connection for less than $30 a month.

New York’s ad tech market is highly automated, while in Paris publishers drive mobile innovation.

New York creates privacy laws as a response to a problem, while paris creates them before a problem arrises.

U.S. Digital Political ad spending in 2015 will reach $1 billion, but in paris the figure is $0 by LAW

This year in the U.S ad networks will sell 12% of total media revenue and ad exchanges 71%. New york has a strong ad network presence, especially in mobile. On the other hand, in Paris, agencies and publishers actually know each other.