Growing a Well Balanced Blog: Infographic

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Only the finest ingredients!

Starting a blog and effectively growing one to the point where you are making some decent ad revenue is not easy. The age old story of a hopeful internet marketer trying to make a living off of a website has been experienced too many times by entrepreneurs all over the globe.

Just like in preparing an exquisite meal, building a successful blog is requires the right balance of ingredients so every last morsel can be enjoyed by the right audience. Great content always drives high quality leads from targeted traffic and permeates through the many content distribution channels. Use this infographic as a reminder to always find balance in blogging.

Well Balanced Blog Infographic

Whole Wheat and Grains – hearty and filling, you can quickly dish out this basic content daily.

  • How to posts
  • Sharing influencer/third party posts
  • Useful, relevant topics for marketers
  • Repurposing old content

Vegetables – It might not be your favorite, but you know it’s good for you

  • Thought leadership pieces
  • Guest topics
  • Case studies

Meat – these valuable, time-consuming projects leave your readers begging for more.

  • Strategic research and analysis
  • POVs
  • Big rock content or large and unique
  • Thought leadership pieces

Desserts – Sweet and sharable, they’ll all want a second helping of these little treats

  • Light, easily digestible content
  • Cultural content
  • Amusing videos, graphics and stories

Condiments – livenup up any meal, a dash of this stuff can spread like fire

  • Bold statements with strong point of view
  • Helpful links

Remember, in cooking and blogging, find your own secret ingredients and use them to your advantage.

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