The 5 Best & Free Video Editing Apps You Must Use in 2020

The 5 Best & Free Video Editing Apps You Must Use in 2020

The 5 Best & Free Video Editing Apps You Must Use in 2020

Do you need to free video editing apps to edit videos? You should know that many of us seek the right method, which is why in this tutorial I wanted to include a very large section to talk about apps for editing videos that you can learn more about in the dedicated place. In the following section, you will find 5 programs suitable for video editing that surely represent the best & free programs for video editing both for computer and for phone and even browsers. Keep in mind that to define a program better than another, it needs to be accessible, user-friendly, updated quite often, compatible with all video and photo formats, as well as with audio files.


The first one to point out to you is definitely FlexClip,
which has all the features mentioned above. It is pretty intuitive editor and even
allows beginners to do some brief customization for your video. At first,
you can choose from various templates which one you like best and create from
it. It is available to trim, split video clips, add caption texts, insert
logos, record voice-over, and of course, add background music. Other than that,
you can preview what your project looks like from the storyboard and then
decide what to change.

Price: FlexClip is completely free. You can even export the
video in 1080p without paying a penny.

Flexclip Example


A complete option for iPhone, iPad, and iPod editing is
Videoshop, which features just about everything you need to put together
videos, apply effects, use hand tools, and more. This editor is not
difficult to use, but it is much more complex and full of tweaks than FlexClip,
for example. That means you may need to spend a few minutes tweaking the
functions to learn how to tweak this app! With this app, you can tweak
clip speed, add transition effects, apply filters, edit audio separately, and
more! There are also some automatic theme and song options for creations
that mix clips and photos.

Price: The free version of Videoshop includes ads and the
watermark. There is also a subscription ($3.99 per month, $23.99 per year or
$49.99 lifetime) to get unlimited access to everything.

Videoshop Example


With this app, you can edit photos and videos and create collages. In particular, it is possible to insert the photo or video inside a colored background, adjust the size of the image window, add three-dimensional stickers or text. For the videos we have a whole series of small editing tools available: we can add music, combine different frames, speed up or slow down the recording. Once we have made our mini-video, just save it and share it on the social media platform. Even with Squaready and Pic Stitch, it is possible to create something similar, but I find InShot more comfortable and varied.

Price: Although it is free, it has some limitations, such as
banners and watermarks, which can be removed via a subscription fee of $2.99.

video editing apps list Inshot Example


This is one of the most popular automated publishers for
mobile platforms, and you can use it to create clips full of interesting
effects. You can manually customize the editor to let the app do all the work.
Choose a soundtrack and theme and get amazing creations with the best moments
of your videos. You can use your photographs, as well as videos, to compose the
final material if you prefer. This program has many special effects, themes and
tweaks, but several extra elements are acquired through internal purchases. The
interesting part is that absolutely anyone can use this app, which is intuitive
and has the most automatic functions.

Price: Magistro offers a 7-day
free trial, after which it provides a monthly subscription service starting at
$5 per month.

video editing Magisto Example


Animoto is very reminiscent of Magisto, as it also allows
you to make video and photomontages, but it promises a more professional
footprint, with high-resolution videos and various themes. You can make small
promotional materials for your business, for example, or you can put your
wedding photos together in a fun and exciting video. Photographs are shown in a
creative slideshow, with various themes that merge the images into videos or
beautifully done animations. Videos are shown with sound and in full, so you
need to cut them first if you want to use just one piece.

Price: Creating videos using Animoto is entirely free, but
you will need to pay a subscription starting at $8 if you want to mark the end
of the service or even save the created materials in HD. 

Animoto Example video editing app

Bonus: is one of the leading browser-based applications today that is used by marketing, training, sales, and product teams globally. This powerful application has an easy-to-access interface that helps get the video editing works done fast. The user can edit, translate, remove audio from video, and more tasks can be done using this software. One of its special tools is the audio remover tool where the editor can mute the video in just a few clicks online. With this tool, recreating an existing video makes it hassle-free.

Do you agree with our list? If we have missed any video editing software that should be included, contact us!