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A Review of the Criteo Ad Network

Essentially, Criteo is a prominent digital performance company, founded in 2005 by Jean-Baptiste, Franck le Ouay, and Romain Niccoli. The company offers personalized performance advertising services. Currently, there are numerous Ad Network companies available on the online platform, but service delivery is what matters. This company understands the essence of good service delivery and in this regard, they have sophisticated technology that helps them deliver customized products for every marketer. The review of the company proves that the company stands out among other advertising network providers.

Their Products

The company operates as a service provider that directs the result-s driven advertising on various technology platform that include:

  • Criteo display for desktop, social and mobile (Well known for retargeting technology)
  • Email services
  • Mobile partner program

Criteo Retargeting

Technology Empowerment

The company combines data and technology to bring you a marketable element. The company promotes your performance advertising campaigns to yield rewarding results for your business. Under technology, the company offers you the following products.

  • Personalized product recommendations derived from the site-data and inventory
  • Exhibits real-time ads that are highly augmented for you across the Internet platform
  • Enhanced sales using Criteo engine
  • ROI software that operates on post-click sales
  • Thorough inventory from significant RTB platforms
  • Offer you easy to use campaign management and reporting tool


Significantly, the company’s principle objective is to offer solutions to your advertising needs. The company knows that marketers require assistance with sales delivery and acquisition of new customers. In this regard, the company has a developed a model that uses the cost-per-click concept. In the process, the marketers address the sales challenge with the ROI system. The technology helps a marketer to:

  • Receive more website visitors
  • Motivate lapsed visitors
  • Get new customers
  • Promote mobile app usage
  • Maximize the sales at your targeted cost of sale

What Makes Criteo Unique?

The major distinguishing factor between Criteo and the other advertising networks is the service delivery. The company has proven records of efficient service delivery. This is the company’s outstanding performance.

  • $ 430bn sales transactions in 2014
  • More than 740b sales ads in 2014
  • 1.06 b desktop users
  • $19b in post-click sales in the last trading year
  • More than 7800 advertisers across more than 75 countries.

The Secret behind the Success

Fundamentally, the company has invested in a transparent cost-per-clock model, and they use post-click sales ascription to measure the efficiency. Consequently, the company targets the conversion and sales. The company’s efficiency stems from three important aspects.

  • Cost-per-clock pricing optimized against cost-of-sale
  • Post-click ascription as the measure of efficiency
  • High-quality ad inventory on the digital network platform

Apparently, Criteooperations narrow down to the technology, the products, and the solutions they offer to the marketers. Their performance is unrivaled, and that is why they remain the best service providers in the advertising network field.