GumGum Ad Network Review: 2020

Review of GumGum Ad Network

GumGum is an established Ad Network company whose principle objective is to take in-image advertising to a new level. The company launched this advertising platform in 2008, and it has established a niche in the digital industry. Their services entail providing s platform for advertisers to market their products with pictures. They have three basic principles operating principles that involve producing viewable content, relevant content that keeps the online audience engaged. They achieve this by making outstanding brand advertising using technology and media drives that capitalizes on standard display advertising. In order to create a strong GumGum review, we need to look at how the company operates.

The Criteria of Implementing their Operating Principles

Essentially, GumGum is the pioneer of in-image advertising. Through this strategy, the company helps the publishers benefit from their creative images. Indeed, the publishers do earn money from their innovations. Moreover, the Ad Network Company offers the advertisers a chance to tell their brand stories to their clients. They inform their clients of their brands through pictures. Significantly, the company drapes its original In-Image over the editorial photos at the focus point of the user. Consequently, the image gets high visibility and engagement. This is a major benefit to advertisers because they offer better consumer experience.

GumGum Principles

In addition, the company has increased the Ad Network scope by innovative ways to make a significance difference in the digital marketing. This additional feature uses editorial content. It is an exclusive design that fits all screen sizes and resolutions. These screen Ads appears on the screen while a user is scrolling on the screen and through this, the ad has high view ability that promotes the brand. The advertisers stand a better chance of marketing their brand through this feature because it ensures every user has accessed the ad.

Moreover, the company has capitalized on its large number of audience as a marketing tool. Significantly, 600 million unique visitors visit the GumGum site on a monthly basis. Subsequently, the high number of visit means that these people can access the numerous images on their premium websites. This offers the publishers a chance to enhance their image viewing, and this offers high monetary returns for their products. In addition, it offers them a chance to maintain a pertinent user experience. Ultimately, the company enables the advertisers to reach a high number of their targeted audience.

Main Objective of GumGum

The company principle objective is to create ‘ads that stick’. In this regard, they ensure that they help publishers and advertisers maximize on the online audience. They bring the marketing experience on the digital platform to higher heights. They produce the best products that leave an impact on the targeted viewers. It is indeed a leading in-image and in-screed advertising company that uses technology and media drives to achieve this vision.