20 Productivity Apps to Stay Organized

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A solid productivity app is is a game changer for the modern entrepreneur. Every day you are faced with limitless options of tasks and decisions to make. Thousands of ideas cross our minds every day and it’s tough to make sense of it all and form an optimal plan of action. Try out some of these apps to keep you and maybe even your boss organized!

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20 Productivity Apps Infographic

Email Management Apps

Dispatch – Helps you empty your inbox quickly by either archiving, starring, or marking items as unread

Swizzle – Helps you unsubscribe from emails and newsletters by scanning your inbox and collating them so you can choose which to delete. Or you can bundle them into a daily/weekly “Swizzle digest”

Apps That Help you focus

YouMail – A visual voicemail/intelligent assistant app with features including reply by text, auto forwarding, transcription services and a smart feature that can block or re-route calls.

Focus@Will – Streams music that is intended to boost your concentration and help you get into “the zone”

Task Management Apps

Any.do – Forces you to look at your to-do-list at the start of each day by making you decide which tasks to complete, delegate or put off, and lists the people you will to connect with to complete a task.

ZenDay – A 3D user interface helps you visualize the day’s tasks. Tasks are added to the calendar whenever time is available, and once completed, are removed to give you space for other jobs.

Sociidot – Helps you focus on important tasks by helping you create a “story” for each goal, which you then populate with “dots” (tasks)

EasilyDo – Anticipates your daily tasks and offers to execute them for you. This app keeps track of birthdays, weather, boarding passes and even tracks packages.

Keep – Allows you to jot down short notes and lists, and is optimized for Google.

Clear – Allows you to create simple and effective to-do lists.

Evernote – For cross-platform information collection – allows you to write notes and access them from any device where the app is installed.

Collaboration Apps

Flow – A collaborative task-management app that separates different team and projects into individual spaces

TimeTrade – Helps mobile workers to automatically offer, manage and confirm sales and service meeting through email, websites and social media

Zamurai – A mobile whiteboard that lets you capture and share ideas and discussions in real time, and is accessible from any device

Google Now – Mines data and ties it to current activities, based on how useful you find each of its “information cards”. For instance, once of these “cards” can include travel and weather conditions if you’re on your way to the airport.

Talkboard – A collaborative whiteboard that allows you and your team to sketch, brainstorm and create together in real time.

Apps for Expenses

Abukai – An expense-tracking app that lets you photograph receipts, and automatically creates an expense report already broken down into cost categorization, date, vendor and all the relevant information.

Apps that help you make videos

Videoshop – Allows you to edit mobile videos and quickly create presentation and slideshows. Features include the ability to add and trim music, create slow motion videos, record voice overs and add sound effects.

Apps to stop procrastination

PaperKarma Helps you stop junk mail being delivered to your home.

Try these apps out and take your productivity to a whole new level!