Online Marketing Basic A-Z Terms

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The ever expanding universe of digital marketing is diverse and most of the time quite unpredictable. It is always important to go back to the building blocks. This infographic gives you a refresher course on the key definitions of digital marketing.

Online Marketing Terms A-Z

Search Engine Marketing

Anchor Text – Highlighted link text that navigates to a different web page when clicked.

Backlink – Links on external sites that go to one of a company’s pages

Black Hat SEO – Sly, aggressive SEO tactics that try to game search engines by undermining their guidelines.

Keyword Stuffing – Loading a page with irrelevant keywords to manipulate a site’s ranking on search result pages.

NoFollow – A backlink that doesn’t affect search engine results rankings.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) – The page that appears after you enter a search. Includes 3 sections: search query, paid ads, and organic results.

Backlink – Links on external sites that go to one of a company’s pages.

Deep Linking – Linking to a piece of web content that’s not on a website’s home page.

Long Tail Keyword – Specific Search phrase of 3 or more words

Meta Tags – HTML tags that provide metadata about a web page – a piece of the SEO puzzle that affects a site’s rank in search results.

Organic Results – Search Results that appear because of relevance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The strategic usage of keywords in your website navigation, content, and inbound links to boost search results rankings.

Reputation Management – Influencing a brand’s reputation, particularly within search results.

Short Tail Keyword – Generic, 1-2 word search phrases

Websites and Lead Generation

Alexa Rank – Traffic ranking of a website, compared to all other sites on the web.

Bounce Rate – Percentage of visitors who navigate away from a site after viewing only one page.

Responsive Web Design – Provides Optimal reading and navigation experience across mobile and desktop

Landing Page (LP) – Standalone page distinct from the main site, with one focused CTA

Below the Fold – Part of the webpage that can’t be seen without scrolling down

Call-to-action (CTA) – Instruction to provoke an immediate response like “Click here” or “Download now”

Click Heat Map – Shows where visitors click on a website.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Hones website content and navigation to encourage passive visitors to become customers.

Content Management Systems – App that simplifies adding, editing and managing websites by automating “behind the scenes” work like indexing and navigation.

Split testing – Testing 2 variants of a page or product with a blind control group to see which yields better results.

Content Marketing

Brand Storytelling – Using storytelling techniques to define a brand and create emotional connections with cutomers.

Crowdsourced Content – Using large online community to create content through blog comments, surveys/polls and social media.

Listicle – Article that’s written in list format

Native Advertising – Editorial content tailored to match a specific online publisher’s site, placed alongside that site’s other articles

Thought Leaders – Trusted, go-to experts in their field

Content Curation – Sifts through online content and handpicks high-quality items of interest to target audience

Evergreen Content – Material that will always be relevant to the target audience over time.

Marketing Funnel – Illustrates the customer journey from awareness to purchase

Newsjacking – Hijacking a top news headline and creating content for your brand using it as a jump-off point.


Click Fraud Repeatedly clicking an ad to deplete the advertiser’s budget

Cost Per Click (CPC) – Actual price paid for each click in PPC campaigns

Pay Per click (PPC) – Ads that target specific customers through sponsored links

Click through Rate (CTR) – Percentage of people who click an ad and land on your website

CPM – Price of 1,000 Impressions

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Improves site visibility in search engine results pages through SEO, saturation and backlinks.

Social Media Marketing

Boost/Promote – Paying to have content included in the feeds of potential customers who aren’t followers.

Cross-channel – Using one channel (Like Twitter) to support another (Facebook page)

Shareable – Content’s potential to be shared by viewers or go viral.

Vanity Metric – Stats that don’t necessarily correlate to numbers that matter: downloads, page views, likes/retweets, vs. important metrics: active users, revenue, profits

Email Marketing

Autoresponder – Program that sends an automated response to messages sent to a certain email address.

List Building – Adding subscribers to an email list

Opt-Out – Existing customer gets emails due to prior relationship, without needing to give express permission

Marketing Automation – System that automates repeting marketing tasks and send alerts for certain customer behaviors.

Opt-In – Potential customer must give permission to send them emails.

Feel refreshed? Now go out there and work your way into the marketing hall of fame!