Supersonic: Mobile Advertising Review

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Category: Supply Side Platform & Demand Side Platform
Monthly Stats: +500 Million global users
Traffic Minimum: None
Payment Model: Net-15
Countries: 100% Global Rate
Display: All Mobile sizes
Mobile: Interstitials, App Trailers, Offerwall and Ad Mediation
Video: Rewarded Video
Targeting: Algorithmic

Supersonic- The Leading Mobile Advertising Technology Platform.

Founded in 2009, Supersonic is a one-stop shop for all mobile developers to monetize and promote their apps. Supersonic boasts a deep pool of advertisers and a network of over 500 million users.Their clients include leading publishers such as EA, SocialPoint, Wooga and Lovoo.

Supersonic also provides a self-serve platform for smaller developers to monetize and promote their mobile application with full control over campaigns. The company counts over 200 employees worldwide, with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in New York, London, Beijing, Moscow and Tel Aviv.

Supersonic’s lightweight SDK supports:

  • Mobile Video: Rewards users with in-app features through HD videos from top brands.
  • Video Ad Mediation: Connects video app inventory with multiple ad networks to ensure 100% fill rate. Supersonic is one of the few mobile ad networks that boasts this feature.
  • Interstitial Ads: Serves beautiful full-screen interstitials during non-intrusive breaks.
  • Offerwall: Monetizes non-paying users by serving highest paying offers inexchange for virtual currency.

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