7 Effective Mobile Video Ads Formats

7 Effective Mobile Video Ads Formats

From various perspectives, mobile video ads bring marketers more efficiency, letting them reach up to 70% viewability, and what’s more important – their marketing and business goals. Another trend in this area is growing interest in mobile video ads. eMarketer predicts mobile ad spending will outstrip all traditional media ad spending combined by 2020.

So, which mobile ads formats to use to get the best and most of the market and at the same time provide best-in-class user experience? Let’s take a brief tour of the most effective and fascinating formats.

#1 Interstitial video ads

Interstitials are the most frequent video ads for mobile web, displayed on various media when the content is changing. It’s also the common ad format for mobile apps, games especially. Interstitial video ads demonstrate high click-through rate and are seen as non-intrusive format when placed wisely.

#2 In-stream video ads for mobile web

Similarly to desktop, in-stream video ads – pre-roll/mod-roll/post-roll – are widely and effectively used in mobile.

Simply put, pre-roll ads work perfectly for brand awareness. They are great when you need to get immediate response and guaranteed views.

Mid-roll ads demonstrate a higher completion rate. This format provides great user experience making consumers most comfortable as mid-roll reminds TV commercials many of us are used to.

Post-roll ads help engage viewers to further action. Accompanied with clear and consise call-to-action, this format lets you offer value and convert users effectively.

With the increasing popularity of mobile apps, advertising opportunities are growing as well, powering up advertisers and app developers. Here are several ad formats that work great for in-app.

#3 Vertical video ads

Such a simple and obvious thing as holding a smartphone vertically and, of course, the great impact of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, have done the trick. Performance looks promising: Snapchat reports that vertical video ads demonstrate 9x higher completion rate vs horizontal video ads. So, when it comes to ads on social media, where such format is most applicable and looks natural, it’s definitely worth to give it a go with vertical vides ads.

#4 Playable ads

Playable ads are typically displayed in mobile apps. Such ad is something like a short game lasting for 5-50 sec and providing the user with a demo promoting the full version of the game. The purpose of playable ads is basically encourage user to install the game. This format is highly interactive and engaging and demonstrates high completion rates.

#5 Rewarded video ads

Another format widely and efficiently used across in-app games. The concept is simple: users view some short video ads in exchange for a reward, f.e. unlocking new game levels and so. Rewarded video ads are great when you need to promote special offers, new arrivals, upcoming events, and more. This format also effectively drives in-game purchases. What’s important to consider with rewarded video ads is relevance to the audience, context of the game, and wise placement.

#6 AR for mobile video ads

Augmented reality (AR) keeps pushing the borders and opens more opportunities, including opportunities in advertising. Using this technology in ads can enhance storytelling experiences and increase user engagement. Specifically, this technology helps to keep viewers engaged for 34% longer than traditional ads.

#7 Seamless in-game video ads 

Last but not least is fascinating ad format redefines the way how ads are served across the game world. Unlike game formats we’ve talked above which are displayed along with the game load or in between levels, this format is the whole new thing. This in-game ad is authentically built-in the game landscape, making it not obtrusive for the game player, and truly seamless. See how it works:

We hope this brief list of mobile video ads opportunities will help you choose what’s best for you and will power up your mobile ad strategy. 

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