Getting the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification

Everyone wants to work in digital advertising!

It’s 2015 and everyone wants to find a way to get their foot in the door of the digital advertising industry. Who wouldn’t want to be in one of the most creative, lucrative, technologically driven industries that is poised to continue on it’s path to grow exponentiallyWhile almost all applicant’s have a college degree, some kind of job experience and knowledge of the internet, having a certification from the IAB gives you tremendous credibility when looking to increase your value as a salesperson in digital advertising.

IAB Digital Media Sales Certification

Michael Theodore, the VP of Training and Development for the Interactive Advertising Bureau gives us a great education about the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification.

There is no other professional credential like this in the advertising industry. To pass the exam, you must proove that you have the advanced knowledge to sell digital advertising in todays rapidly changing ecosystem. This program was launched in 2012 and in the first year over 1,300 applicants from over 250 companies applied.

Why get certified?

Digital advertising buyers and sellers need a benchmark to ensure that salespeople have the basic knowledge required to sell new media programs. The ecosystem is always changing which creates a demand for keeping knowledge fresh and being re-certified, showing your expertise in digital media sales.

Clients will be able to look at the certification and have a deeper level of trust, knowing that the sales person understands the industry and can comprehend their needs. Having this certification could be deciding factor of which company a prospective client will choose.

AOL has fully embraced this program and their entire sales team is certified and won the IAB award of sales excellence. Great leadership, AOL!

How to get certified

To become certified, applicants must pass an exam created by a team of industry subject matter experts and vetted by their accredited test development partner, Professional testing Inc. Applicants can take the exam at testing centers around the world during quarterly testing periods. A committee has been created to keep the exam up to date.

IAB Digital Media Sales Certification