Centro Brand Exchange Review

Centro Brand Exchange Review

Centro Brand Exchange Review

Centro, a privately held company founded in 2001 with over 500 employees currently  has been building media management software for over 13 years to engage targeted audiences across all channels of digital. Their software and services provide value in  major ways:

  1. Eliminate unnecessary waste.
  2.  Improve human collaboration.
  3. Offer greater insight.
  4. Reduce errors.
  5. help users achieve more in their professional lives.

Centro Media Channels

Deliver Engaging Experiences at scale, across every system

  • Display – The Centro display network encompasses 22,000 campaigns and 13,000 publisher properties. Proprietary pricing and performance technology to blow KPIs out of the water and a team of digital media experts for success.
  • Mobile – Thousands of mobile campaigns that innovate to achieve massive engagement and reach. The best way to reach potential customers on their mobile devices.
  • Video – Traditional television is losing its share in video advertising as budgets shift online. In the ecosystem, video has the most challenges but Centro is well equipped to achieve video ad scale on their publisher network on all devices.
  • Search – Centro has a full team dedicated to search. Actionable insights at the time a consumer is ready to make their purchase. Actionable insights come from Keyword level detail and ad copy performance.
  •  Local – Dominate the local market and dominate competitors with national, regional, DMA, city and zip and hyper-local targeting level optimization.
  •  Native – Integrated and custom experiences for brands who want to leverage native opportunities on a large selection of publishers.
  •  Social – Completely management and optimization of social campaigns for a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy.

Being a publisher on the Centro Exchange

The Centro Brand Exchange works with publishers that have the highest quality content and large volumes of targeted audiences. The Centro team is dedicated to pair quality advertisers to the right publishers and create the best experience possible. Centro provides high CPM’s  by creating a premium environment and robust data insights from their partnership with data technology provider, Krux.

Back in December 2015, Centro was #4 ranked by Pixalate as a top rated seller of programmatic.  Centro is very well known for having very high quality and transparent ad inventory in their private exchange.


Check out the Centro blog for the latest company and adtech industry insights.