What is Reactvertising?

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 Reactvertising Video by John St

Reactvertising is when marketers place a perfectly timed message in reaction to an event that is very active on the major social media channels. The goal is to instantly make a connection with the largest amount of on lookers possible to spread a message virally which is incredibly lucrative for brands and individuals marketing their products.

This video is a parody of how advertising has evolved to becoming very opportunistic for brands and that timing is key when pushing content through social channels for maximum impact. Real time equals real results and creativity is key.

The notion of reactvertising began to receive a lot of attention during the famous perfectly timed tweet at the 2013 Oreo Super bowl incident in which the lights failed and the stadium was without electricity for  almost an hour.

Oreo gets creative on Social Media

Oreo Super Bowl Reactvertising

 Oreo and Reactvertising

In the 3rd quarter of Superbowl XLVII a power failure at the dome resulted in the lights going dark for 34 minutes. Oreo’s social media team capitilized on the opportunity by tweeting the advertisement with the inscription “Power Out? No Problem”

The tweet went viral as soon as it was published and recieved 15k retweets and 20k likes on Facebook. This was a solid win for Oreo to grow their social media reach.