What Does Apple Do Well: An Analysis

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The Foundations of Strategic Management

The foundations of strategic management are important to apples success and can be seen in the framework of the company. Apple analyzed it’s external environment and understood what it’s customers wanted. From this they created user friendly products that are energy efficient, portable (the ipod, ipad, iphone and macbooks) and easy to use and organize data.

Multi-Product Strategy

Apple’s innovations in multi-media products can be seen in the recent addition to the line known as the “i-pad.” Apple has built it’s company brand on being known as not just a computer company. All of the apple products have one thing in common they are known for their uniformity in terms of how organized and easily acessable the customers data is. Each product apple released helped the following products gain customer trust. “The ipad was another revolutionary product that could emulate the smashing success of the ipod and iphone.”  According to steve Jobs. In 1998, when the company suffered a great loss in the previous years Jobs turned the company around when he was re enacted CEO and made a 309 million dollar ptofit.

Leading Strategically

When analyzing Steve jobs, it is correct to say that he has been a strategic leader. A strategic leader in the business world is a CEO who creates value for shareholders, takes actions for success in the big picture, and developes a vision, designes a plan of action and achieves success for the company. steve is referred to by employees as the “soul” of the company. It’s his vision to be number one in the industy that carried the company from selling 100 computers a day (made in a garage) to setting up international headquarters

Analyzing the External Environment

Apples ability to analyze the external environment is one of the foundations for their success. The computer industry took off quickly and swept many competitors out of the market. Apple has been able to adapt to new technologies and integrate them into their computers. This can been seen from the earliest operation system integrations, to apples ability to have their products and software on mobile devices. Steve Jobs declared that apple was considered a “mobile device company” at one point. This ability to understand social trends and what people value in new technologies has kept apple afloat, even in times when they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Apple has expanded from it’s first store located in McLean, Virginia in 2001, to over 280 stores in 10 countries. This “competition across boarders accounted for 16% of Apples total revenue in 2009.

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