GeoEdge Ad Verification

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What is GeoEdge?

GeoEdge is a premium provider of ad verification and transparency solutions for ‎publishers and ad platforms. GeoEdge guards against non-compliance, malware, inappropriate content, data ‎leakage, ad operational, and performance issues. Ad ops teams use GeoEdge to ensure a clean, safe, and engaging user experience, by automating ad ‎verification processes. ‎

Why is ad verification important in todays digital advertising industry?

Every day publishers are unknowingly exposed to malware, inappropriate creatives, high-latency ads, ‎and other issues that generate low ad quality. With so many campaigns being delivered by third party demand partners, it is ‎impossible for ad ops teams to monitor and maintain a safe and smooth user experience. This is a ‎major problem because just one of these issues has the ability to negatively impact a site and/or ‎brand. An ad verification platform like GeoEdge allows publishers to regain control over their ad ‎inventory so that they can ensure high ad quality by reacting and maintaining each creatives optimal ‎performance and user experience. ‎

How does this ad verification technology work?

GeoEdge scan website and ad tag, as well as mobile site a tags – mimicking all real-user targeting parameters (location, device, language, and cookies) to capture the full ad spectrum. Any time a security threat is detected, compliance policies are breached or if a cookie/pixel is dropped, notifications and real-time alerts allow ad ops to react before it affects users.

How many GEOs do you work in?

With a physical presence in more than 140+ global locations, GeoEdge makes it possible to fully protect users against malware and inappropriate ads on a global scale.

What is the best way to get started?

It’s really easy. Simply contact us for a private live demo and we’ll show you how you can adequately protect and guard your user experience from malicious activities that compromise the safety and security of your ad inventory.