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Forget Textbooks, App is here to Stay!

Stox. IO

What is the App?

If you are new to the world of buying and selling stocks, it can be daunting to understand how the stock market works from the basic and advanced concepts and the strategies to pick the best stocks to buy right now., and app that is coming soon to the market pushed aside the traditional ways of teaching about the stock market and created an app that makes learning about the market a fun and valuable game. An individual with no knowledge of the stock market can download the app and begin their journey to become a stock market guru.

What are the main features and benefits of the App?

  • It’s a game with real value – I remember sitting in my finance 101 class in high school being forced to read endless pages of stock market history and concepts.. extremely boring! The app plays like a game in “bite sized pieces” you never will feel overwhelmed and each time you play is an educational session that makes you a better trader.
  • It does not get boring – The app promises to have a wide array of functions to make learning efficient and not bore you with thousands of pages of text. Every time a new piece of information hits the screen you will be engaged and learn a valuable lesson. Some of the features are mix and mix, drag and drop and fill in the blank. Can’t go wrong with this kind of engagement!
  • Virtual Trading account – is there for you all the way from start to finish. Once you hit a certain point, you will be guided to create a virtual trading account to test your new knowledge in the stock market.

Overall, we are excited to see the app in action and anticipate a large following. You can contact them directly at:

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