Acorns’ App Will Make Investing Spare Change Easy Peasy

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Ready to invest your spare change the right way?

Everyone that has money can definitely make small adjustments on a daily basis to maximize their income and invest into a diversified portfolio. Welcome to 2014, the new age of investing. The US Born micro investment company recently secured a nice $5.5 million dollar investment. What the company aims to do is make a seamless day to day process for investing the leftover change of your transactions from debit and credit cards. Currently, the app is in beta but has a huge market especially for the new tech savvy generation. Children are dealing with large amounts of money and have access to technology at such a young age so this could definitely catch on.



When can I start?

Q4 this year is the expected hard launch date and many eyes will be on the company both regulatory and tech giants to potentially grab their piece of the pie. The best part about this story is that is was founded by a father and his son. They may have large wallets very soon from their tech investment! There obviously will be alot of worry about information security from the public, another hurdle that acorns will have to overcome pre and post launch. Time will tell the result.

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