Coin Positions Itself to be the Premiere Payment System

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Recently a start-up company called coin is positioning itself to change the world of payments. Imagine having all of your credit cards, in one electronic card that changes your payment option with a click of the button. My first instinct when hearing about this revolutionary product is to question the security of an item that virtually holds all of your money in physical card. Is it really the worst thing in the world to have your funds dispersed between a few cards that are not in one place?

Of course, coin has considered this and built functionality in the app that quickly notifies you if you have left your card behind. Security will be the biggest hurdle for Coin to overcome and it must have a clean launch with no issues in order to be successful in the future. There is a large potential for this product to be wildly successful, and we will see in time. There is potential that Coin will be bought out by a company like a PayPal or even a credit card cmpany like American Express.

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