Apple to Hire Creative Marketing Specialists

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Apple Will Invest Heavily In Creative Marketing Professionals

Longtime follows of Apple operations say after years of limiting the the pool of talent from within Apple, the longtime technology powerhouse has plans to grow its in-house creative group. An  executive who knows the thinking of upper management of apple hinted the company could add 200 to 500 new employees over the next few years.

This is a turning point of the evolution of Apples internal structure since the death of their long term visionary, Steve Jobs. A large investment in internal capacity was a trend that Steve did not encourage on regular basis which made many many weary of what kind of company Apple would turn out to be. The growth curve of digital and the field of marketing in real time data driven ecosystems is too large for Apple to not invest its proven business model. Apple has begun hiring advertising executives from all corners of the industry from traditional, to digital with  large scale advertising experience, to assist internal groups to create better ads for its iAd network. 

iAd Network

Working for Apple may not be the perfect job that many dream it to be. Apple is a large corporation with its own cultured bureaucracy at every level. Many employees are tightly bound to product roles and true innovation could be elusive to lower and mid level employees.  Steve Jobs was known to keep a keen eye and tight lease on employees being the obsessive and legendary leader that the world has grown to know.

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