SonarClick is a top performance marketing network founded in 2016 with it’s headquarters in Spain. SonarClick are masters at performance marketing and their name derived from the word “sonar” and the idea that a device of this type aims to detect and locate objectives in the surrounding area.

Basic Information

  • Payment Terms: NET30/NET15/NET7 and Bi-Monthly and Weekly payments
  • Methods: PayPal, Epayments, Wire, Payoneer, Skrill
  • CPL, CPA, CPS and CPA. App Installs, Apps, Casino, Coupons, Dating, Entertainment, Gambling, Games, Incent, Lead Generation, Mobile, Mobile Content, Mobile Subscriptions, Social, Utilities
  • Minimum payment: $100

Contact Information

SonarClick for Publishers

If you a publisher, media buyer, webmaster, app developer or any platform that has traffic and needs monetization services, SonarClick is a great solution. With SonarClick, you are not on your own as you have a dedicated account manager that will work with you hit your revenue goals for all channels. They will work publishers in all major geo’s and will customize a monetization strategy to maximize results. They have a strict approval system for publishers to combat ad fraud that consists of the following stages:

  1. Verification by email,
  2. References from other networks
  3. Telephone or Skype interview to discuss promotion strategies and methods.

Key Features:

  • Timely payments
  • Exclusive landing pages
  • Personalised service
  • Immediate support
  • Diverse payment methods
  • High payouts
  • Additional strategies and techniques
  • Zero tolerance of fraud

SonarClick for Advertisers

SonarClick for Advertisers

If you are an advertiser, agency, app developer or service provider looking to target the perfect client and maximize ROI, SonarClick can solve your problems.

Key Features:

  • Pay for results
  • Different formats: CPA, CPL, CPM, CPI, CPE and CPS
  • Premium traffic
  • Long-term collaboration
  • Immediate, dedicated support
  • Exclusive protection against fraud
  • Strict publisher approval system
  • Close relationship

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