TAPNET Launches Guest Post Book Review Service for Authors

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Phoenix, Arizona(Hexa PR Wire–November 1, 2023)TAPNET, a leading platform in offering insightful book product and service reviews, has announced the launch of its “Guest Post Book Review” service. This innovative service, introduced in September 2023, offers authors an unparalleled opportunity to leverage TAPNET’s interest-based audiences coupled with top-of-mind advertising.

With the power of the internet and the digitization of marketing, TAPNET’s service seeks to redefine how authors promote their work. “Imagine a roadside billboard where only people interested in your book drive by all day!” says Marco Bonanni, founder of TAPNET and an author himself.

Service Features and Benefits

Authors can now have their books professionally reviewed and presented as a guest post on TAPNET’s website. Marco understands firsthand the challenges authors face in selling their books. “Writing and publishing is only half the battle. Finding people to buy your book is extremely challenging,” Marco added.

To celebrate the launch, TAPNET is offering a limited-time 50% off promotion on their demand-driven pricing structure. Authors interested in promoting their books can visit the TAPNET website for current pricing details.


With roots in IT and digital marketing, TAPNET’s founder, Marco Bonanni, authored his first book in 2020. Using his background in marketing, he learned the intricacies of book promotion. Recognizing the methods most effective for promoting books, Marco expanded the TAPNET platform to offer these services to other authors.

Under Marco Bonanni’s leadership, TAPNET has flourished with his strategic vision, 8 years in marketing, and 17 years in technology. Marco has a penchant for developing and executing innovative strategies that drive operational excellence.

Launch Promotion

For a limited time, authors can take advantage of the extended 50% off promotion for the service launch period. To learn more about the Guest Post Book Review service and other offerings, visit TAPNET.com


TAPNET provides a platform offering insightful book product and service reviews. Knowledge is power, and with TAPNET’s curated reviews, individuals are empowered to make informed decisions, driving personal and professional growth.

Contact Information

Marco Bonanni: LinkedIn
Marco Bonanni, email: info@tapnet.com

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