i3 Energy announces strategic refinancing and positive reserves update

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i3 Energy PLC (AIM:I3E, TSX:ITE, OTC:ITEEF) chief executive Majid Shafiq joins Proactive’s Stephen Gunnion with details of a positive refinancing for the company.

The company has entered into a reserve-based lending (RBL) facility, secured against its Canadian reserves and assets. The facility totals C$75 million, comprising a C$55 million revolver and a C$20 million operating loan, with an option to index the rate to the Canadian prime rate. This new arrangement offers a slightly better interest rate compared to the previous loan and is expected to reduce as central bank interest rates fall. It also effectively halves the company’s current interest costs due to cash balances being held with the lending bank, offsetting the loan.

Shafiq said the refinancing has freed up $25 million Canadian annually, previously allocated to amortising the existing loan. This amount will now be reinvested in the business. Approximately C$50 million remains undrawn from the new facility, available for future investment to grow the business. The flexibility and lower interest payments provided by this facility are highlighted as significant benefits.

Shafiq emphasised the importance of partnering with a Canadian bank, noting their understanding of the Canadian oil and gas sector and the capability to assess risk accurately, leading to potentially lower capital costs. This relationship is also strategic for accessing development capital for organic growth and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Shafiq said the company’s 2023 reserves update reveals stable reserves despite production, with 93 million barrels 1P and 180 million barrels 2P. He said this stability, achieved with minimal capital expenditure due to low gas prices, underscores the quality of i3 Energy’s assets and its efficient management. The company maintains a low production decline rate and a diverse portfolio, enabling flexibility in response to commodity price changes.

Looking ahead, Shafiq said i3 Energy plans to use its enhanced liquidity for growth initiatives and will update the market on its capital programme. The relationship with a major Canadian bank is expected to provide significant flexibility and options for the company’s growth strategy.

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