What Makes WordPress Such A Popular Web Development Platform?

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Crucial to the success of any business, a website can be instrumental in helping brands promote their products, services or messages, and give customers an easy and accessible way to browse, learn more about the business and make purchases.

When it comes to constructing a website, WordPress continues to prove a firm favorite among businesses of all kinds, and with the help of an experienced WordPress developer in Calgary, it’s easy to develop a site that has everything users could possibly want. Powering approximately 40% of the internet, WordPress has an intuitive interface and a wide selection of features to give users a flawless experience.

Here are just a few of the features that make WordPress such a popular web development platform:

  • Interface that’s simple to use

Creating and maintaining a website is made easy with WordPress’s intuitive user interface, and updating it when needed is just as simple. With different themes and plugins, it’s possible to create a website that’s entirely unique and meets all of your functional needs. Easy to install, uploading text and images is a cakewalk, as well as audio and videos, and updates to latest versions are equally simple.

  • Customized development

Some businesses choose to use the default themes and templates available on WordPress for their websites, but if you really want your business to stand out, you can hire a web development agency to help you take advantage of customized themes on the platform that will also help the site run faster.

  • Endless plugins

Plugins enable extra features to be added to a website that aren’t available in the core software, and with thousands of plugins ready to be used in the WordPress directory, you can give your site faster loading speeds, improved SEO, and enhanced site security. Can’t find what you need in the directory? Simply have your web development agency create them for you to give your website plenty of user-friendly features.

  • Regular updates

The platform is frequently updated to make sure that it always offers efficiency and security, to help protect your site from cyber-attacks. Every update also brings new features that can help make your website even more user-friendly and functional.

  • SEO friendly

If you want to optimize your website for SEO (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll find WordPress to be the perfect platform. With so many plugins to enhance performance and SEO, by giving you title tags and headings that are optimized, your website can improve its rankings on the search engine results pages. It can also remove features that aren’t necessary and which may be slowing the loading of your site considerably.

It’s important to create a website with the future in mind; always thinking about how your business might evolve and grow as it progresses. With guidance and technical support from an agency experienced in WordPress development in Calgary, you can ensure that no matter how the digital landscape changes, you can always stay up-to-date, on trend, topical, and above all else, popular, with a stunning website that takes advantage of everything WordPress has to offer.