The Role of Custom T-Shirts in Event Marketing

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Walking advertisement, souvenir, or fun team-building gift – a custom t-shirt has the potential to be many things. Yet despite their versatility, they are also affordable, easy to produce, and highly customizable. When done properly, even something as mundane as a t-shirt can generate brand awareness and goodwill towards your company.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the reasons why that is, as well as why an event t-shirt can be advantageous even to smaller companies on a budget.

First of all, the t-shirt is one of the most commonly worn pieces of clothing in existence. It is very likely that every person you’ve known owns at least one t-shirt, and more than likely they possess multiple. They’re comfortable to wear, and highly visible – every time someone runs an errand or walks around a grocery store wearing a t-shirt advertising a brand or an event, they raise awareness of that company.

Sounds like a great advertising investment, but for one thing: how do you ensure people are actually going to look at your brand?


The following tips may help:


Identify your niche market.


Chances are, you already know who your target audience is, or at least the types of people you would like to appeal to. Think about the people you personally know who are part of this demographic, and what colors, ideas, or slogans might appeal to them. Create lists of each, then pick a few that work well together to form the basis of your design.


Don’t go overboard on details.


A simple image combined with a company logo may look better printed on a t-shirt than a full color photo. Most people walking past will not take more than a seconds long glance, which means it’s important to draw attention to the information you want people to notice as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Choose colors that work well together.


White text on a sunny yellow background can be difficult to read. Colors that starkly contrast each other and are on opposite sides of the color wheel – like plum purple and bright green – might appeal to some audiences and will look tacky to others. Bright colors are more likely to appeal to children, teenagers, and young adults.


Create a sample product first.

Your t-shirt won’t look the same on a computer as it will in real life. The transition from computer screen to tangible object can make more of a difference than you realize.

Perhaps the colors on your monitor appeared brighter, or maybe the print quality isn’t what you had desired. Alternatively, your eyes may have glossed over an important design detail that you’d meant to add.

Before spending money on multiple t-shirts, it is considered both safe and smart to create a single test product.

Luckily, a free art proof is included with every order at


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