AI Content Creation And How It Can Impact Brands

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Creating quality content is a lesson that took so many major brands to realize over the course of time. Content is truly king as it comes in so many forms and people are seemingly spending hours viewing various types of content. AI content generation has taken the marketing world by storm as it has been widely discussed. The AI generators are going to advance as all technology does which could further disrupt brand marketing. 

AI content creation has truly shaken up the marketing world. There are agencies that have seen long-term clients use this content instead of human-generated content without human editing. Freelancers have had to change their entire approach to creating content in some cases. AI is impacting various aspects of life with the results being disturbing to a large number of those in the public. Algorithms are already used by search engines to influence purchasing habits. Machine learning can be used to generate code or other aspects that used to be reserved for only the most tech-savvy professionals. Below are ways AI content creation is impacting brands and marketing agencies in various ways. 

Writers Are Losing Jobs

Copywriters have seen a decline in work due to the reliance on AI content creation. The truth is that the writing can be very repetitive and lack a personal connection. Whether it is writing about SEO or HVAC repair, a personal connection needs to be made. Marketing departments that are looking to cut costs might just have contractors handle the editing of AI content. The truth is that for specific subjects, the content might just be better off rewritten by a human. Writers will continue to leverage this technology as generating titles can get a writer started quickly.  

 I would go into the various ways AI content can be used. The impact on contract writers and quality of AI content overall. Startups can reduce costs with this but might fail to engage an audience. Established brands might go with AI content that simply does not align with their target demographic.

Digital marketing trends tend to change as technology is introduced over the course of time. There is resistance of some companies some to adapt to new technology while others adopt technology overzealously before it has been perfected. A balance between AI content writing and traditional content production will be found. The fear writers have is that agencies will not see the value or drop rates for writers due to the availability of AI. 

Scaling Using AI Content

Hundreds of product pages could exist that need to be optimized for SEO. Using AI to write descriptions might not be the best course of action. Using AI to write answers to common questions after seeing a model of the questions or inputting this data is possible. You can manage to handle all of the FAQs for a product line simply through data input into an AI content generator. Page descriptions that are generated can be useful although you still need to optimize with specific keywords and interlinking. 

AI Video Production 

AI video production from written text in animated ways is in the works. The beauty of this is that the same piece of content can eventually appeal to those that enjoy different forms of content consumption. Transcribing podcasts can be done via software but a human editor makes a big difference. There has been a number of tests done with AI to create beer commercials and other generic pieces of content. 

What Is Going To Happen Next?

There is already a struggle for copywriters that are trying to find work. Too many agencies have cleaned house in terms of copywriters to solely rely on AI writing. The truth is that cutting down costs is likely not a bad thing but a team of editors is still required. Google’s search engine algorithm could target sites that only rely on AI content as this content doesn’t appeal to users. Google has a dedication to user experience which AI content does not deliver at times. Repetitive facts that might or might not be interesting to readers seem to litter AI content. 

Full Marketing Campaigns Only Utilizing AI

A small startup can keep its expenses low during its infancy by using AI for marketing campaigns. The beauty is that the technology will continue to improve via data that is gathered from campaigns that are run. Data should be shaping all marketing campaigns indefinitely. Look for this to become more prevalent going forward although input from human marketing professionals will continue to be valuable. Automation has already claimed so many jobs of those that did administrative work or even worked scheduling interviews for potential employees. 

AI content is going to continue to improve as brands figure out how to utilize this technology in an efficient manner. Brands could see pushback by relying solely on AI for marketing purposes. Marketers and companies understand their target demographic in a more detailed manner than AI does at this current point.