How to Beat the Competition with Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Every business owner dream of beating the competition and becoming the best in their industry, but the road to achieving this goal isn’t always clear. There are so many components to digital marketing, and it can be overwhelming to figure it all out.

Although there are many strategies to pursue, one of the most effective is content marketing. Here’s how the right strategy can help you get ahead of your competition in the search engines.

Genuine content marketing is king

You’ve heard that ‘content is king,’ but in order to rank in the search engines, that content has to be high-quality, authoritative, and informative. Many businesses produce low-quality content just to publish something on a regular basis, but this isn’t effective.

Publishing content without intention just to meet an arbitrary publishing schedule is the fastest way to waste your time and money. To benefit from content marketing, you need to have something important to share with your audience – something they want to know. The best way to get this type of content is to work with a marketing agency. With professional content marketing, you’ll generate more traffic, sales, and leads.

The sweet spot is finding topics your audience can’t wait to read about and being able to produce authoritative content on the matter. For example, if you teach master classes on how to write suspense novels, your audience will eat up content that teaches them how to be a better writer.

On the other hand, they might not really care for opinion pieces on existing suspense writers, unless it teaches them how to be as good or better than well-known authors.

In-depth content will make you a leader

It’s getting harder and harder to rank thin content in Google and other search engines, but even if you could, it still wouldn’t help you beat your competition. For example, say you rank thin content and get a #1 or #2 placement in Google for a competitive search phrase. You might get thousands of clicks, but will you get many sales? Not with thin content.

Do you just want to outrank your competitors, or would you rather outsell them? Most people would choose the latter. Traffic is meaningless if it’s not converting. Thankfully, high-quality, in-depth content helps with conversions.

If you want to be the best, you need to be a leader. Writing in-depth content is one way to become a leader in your industry. Industry leaders consistently provide value to their audience, which makes them come back, sign up for newsletters, and buy something.

You want people to think of your brand when they need the products or services you sell. You won’t become a household name overnight, but as you continue publishing valuable content, you will gradually earn a positive reputation.

Find high-quality link building opportunities

Manual link outreach is hard, but it’s worth the effort because just one backlink from someone important in your industry can bring you a steady flow of relevant traffic that converts.

Ignore the link building strategies that require purchasing links in bulk packages. Not only does Google consider paid links spam, but it’s only a matter of time before those links disappear all at once.

When doing manual link building, think of the potential benefits in terms of traffic. Seek links from publishers in your niche with a solid readership interested in your business. Just remember that you’ll need to do your part and provide enormous value to your readers in your article. Use your copy and anchor text to encourage readers to click.

Building backlinks manually is a difficult way to build a full backlink profile, but it’s an excellent way to get targeted traffic.

Do everything ten times better

To beat your competition, you need to be better than them in every way. Make it your goal to do everything ten times better. Enhance your products or services, boost your customer service, and start working with a digital marketing agency. Be more active on social media, build brand awareness, make returns easier, and go out of your way to make your customers feel valued.

Do everything possible to be better than your competition – then write about it on your blog. Make sure people know you’ve made these changes. Incorporate your upgraded business philosophies and product changes into your content so everyone knows what you’ve changed. Brands get to the top for a reason, and if you want to occupy that space in your niche, you need to earn your spot.