5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Social Media Marketing

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There are copious amounts of free and paid marketing opportunities offered by a wide range of social media platforms, and if you’re not taking advantage of them – well, what are you doing?

Whether you decide to try and tackle social media marketing yourself, or take the much easier and more effective method of outsourcing your needs, there are many ways for business owners to get more out of social media marketing than they currently are, and here’s how:

  1. Make good use of images and video in your social media content

The more bright, colorful and engaging you can make your content, the more likely you are to attract visitors to your site, and with good use of both images and videos in your social media content, you can make people stop, look and ideally, share your brand with others.

  • Avoid over marketing

A constant barrage of posts and marketing efforts could make your followers feel a little uncomfortable, and begin to look a lot like spam that they’ll simply ignore. Try to focus on consistency and quality, rather than sheer quantity, and schedule your posts so that they’re regular, without being overwhelming.

  • Don’t just use social media for advertising

While social media can be used for advertising your brand, you should also ensure that your followers get something valuable and useful from your content, or even something that simply makes them laugh.

Avoid using social media purely for advertising purposes, and you’ll start growing your audience. 

  • Showcase your community contributions

Big isn’t always better, and in many instances, audiences enjoy feeling as if they’re a part of something unique to their local community; something that isn’t a nationwide or global brand set for world dominance. In your social media content, try to highlight what makes you important or special to your community, and show ways in which you’ve contributed to it positively, either independently or with the help of other local businesses. Use your content to promote local events, and really get involved with followers that you might actually get to meet.

  • Get your story on

Smaller businesses typically have far more opportunities to engage personally with their clients and customers, and recording such interactions and sharing them with your social media followers, is a great way to tell stories that are meaningful and to promote you in what feels like a very natural way.

Don’t be afraid to tell stories – your story – and you’ll soon find that followers and customers are feeling more connected to your brand than they might of a larger, internationally recognized company.

Building upon your social media content is a fantastically affordable and effective way to connect with followers and turn them into customers, but it’s only a small way in which you can grow your brand. To get help with your social media marketing, or explore the many other ways in which digital marketing can help you succeed, reach out to a third party marketing agency for guidance – it could be the best investment you make all year!