8 Digital Marketing Ideas to Increase Donors at a Nonprofit

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One main challenge that every nonprofit organization faces is getting new donors. Nearly all businesses use digital marketing because it is easy to reach a wide audience. However, with the immense competition, you must use unique ideas to help push your digital marketing efforts.

1- Market Research

Research helps you identify your prospective donors and where to find them. When researching, consider the donor’s beliefs, the causes they support, your current relationship with them, and their financial capabilities. You should also consider donors active in other fundraisers in your location. You can research online, magazines, newspapers, donor lists from other organizations, and key promotions or hires from key organizations.

2- Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Most people have access to the internet, and there are numerous social media platforms to choose from. Research shows that 55% of people who interact with nonprofit organizations on social media donate.

Having a strong social media presence ensures you constantly interact with people, update them on upcoming events, and update them on how to donate to your organization. It is also a great way to increase brand awareness, recruit volunteers, inspire social change, and increase event attendees.

To gain more traction, ensure you stay updated on current social media trends and incorporate them into your content. You should also use clear and high-quality photos and videos.

3- Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to send updates about the organizations, send event notifications, and solicit funds when necessary. Create an easy-to-find email sign-up form and ensure you send updates weekly.

You can increase the effectiveness by sending blog posts, videos, photos, and updates. You should also send thank you emails to anybody who donates or joins your email list.

4- Apply for a Google for a Nonprofit Account

This account will give you access to Google discounts and products to help you find new donors. You must be a registered nonprofit organization in one of the listed countries, then meet all the requirements per your country of operation.

One of the biggest advantages is access to the $10,000 monthly of in-kind advertising to develop text-based ads. You can also access features like Google Workspace for nonprofits, Google Maps Platform, YouTube nonprofit program, and nonprofit-specific discounts for Business Plus, Google Workspace Business Standard, and Enterprise editions.

5- Content Marketing

In addition to the photos and videos you post on social media, consider creating a blog where people can learn more about your organization and what causes your support. Ensure you update the content regularly, use keywords, and make it relevant and captivating. You should also include a call to action in the blogs and donation cards in videos.

6- Relationship Mapping

This involves researching current donors, volunteers, and board members to see who they follow or interact with on social media, bring to events, and hang around with. That is a great way to identify potential donors and reach out to them.

7- Influencer Marketing

Look for influencers who share your organization’s values and views or support the same causes as you. If, for example, your organization supports children, look for influencers who have children or support causes close to that. You can have them talk about your organization or an upcoming event in their content or be a guest on their podcast or interviews.

8- Update Your Website

Your website is one of the first places potential donors go to learn more about your organization and causes. Therefore have an easy-to-navigate website with updated content about your organization, mission, vision, upcoming events, and donation methods.