Why You Need an All-In-One Digital Marketing Agency

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Managing all the components that make up your digital marketing strategy can be overwhelming if you don’t have a smooth system. If you’re like most businesses, you probably hire a few companies or individuals to run different aspects of your campaign, and that’s where things can get complicated. For instance, your PPC person might not be able to coordinate with your email marketing team because of time zone differences or other reasons. You may also find that your content writing team isn’t up-to-date with SEO best practices.

Hiring separate people or businesses to take on your marketing needs is normal, but it’s not the most efficient method. When you work with an all-in-one digital marketing agency, you get a big advantage regardless of your industry.

Here’s why you should choose the latter.

1. Access to industry expertise

There is no such thing as a marketing individual who is an expert in every industry. You might find a jack-of-all-trades, but expertise requires significant experience, even just in one industry. Individuals simply don’t have enough time in the day to rack up the quantity of clients required to gain such experience. This is why you’ll get better results with an agency.

A good marketing agency will have the right experience and a team of professionals. For instance, Fuel Web Marketing is an experienced marketing company with experts in a variety of industries, including law, health, corporate, and even the marine industry.

Since companies usually hire a wide range of talent, you’re more likely to get big results from an agency than multiple individuals.

2. Consolidated account management

Working with an all-in-one digital marketing agency means having one team manage all of your accounts, like Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ClickFunnels, MailChimp, Hubspot, and any other marketing tools you use. This works in your favor in a few ways:

  • Tighter security. Only one company will be handling your account logins and accessing your account. This helps keep your accounts more secure, as long as your digital marketing agency follows cybersecurity best practices.
  • Faster results. When something that went out in an email needs to be posted to Facebook, your marketing agency can do it quickly when they’re managing both accounts.
  • Consistency. When one company writes your social media posts, your content will look more uniform than if you hire different people. Consistency projects an image of quality and is crucial for your brand perception.

3. Less work to negotiate and pay your fees

It can be exhausting to negotiate rates with five or six individuals or companies in order to get all the marketing services you need. You’ll end up spending a lot of time going back and forth, each rate will be different, and you’ll have to cut a bunch of checks at various times.

When you hire a digital marketing agency to handle all of your marketing needs, you’ll only have to negotiate one fee, work with one company, and make one payment per the time period in your agreement.

4. Better analytics

Many organizations skip data analytics because it’s too complicated to manage. There is a steep learning curve, but analyzing data is just as crucial as having a website. Without it, you won’t have the metrics you need to make informed business decisions.

An agency will track and analyze marketing data for your organization, so you won’t get overwhelmed or confused.

5. Detailed focus on the user experience (UX)

There are countless marketing strategies, but one that gets overlooked the most is user experience. Simply put, when users get frustrated with a website, they bounce and don’t usually return. According to statistics published by Inc.com, 38% of visitors will bounce if a site is unattractive and 44% will bounce if there’s no contact information. If your website’s user experience (UX) isn’t amazing, you’re losing revenue.

To improve your UX, you need to actively aim to reduce negative experiences and increase positive experiences for your visitors. An all-in-one digital marketing agency that builds websites will know how to achieve this goal by running a split-testing campaign to identify effective and detrimental page elements.

Get better results with an agency

If you’re looking for ways to get optimal results with your marketing strategy, go straight to a full-service digital marketing agency. You’ll get access to a team of experienced professionals and industry experts, and everything will be taken care of under one organization. Your marketing efforts across various channels will be consistent and smooth, and you’ll get the best possible results.