How To Manage Your Ecommerce Online Reputation

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Why does online reputation matter?  It’s simple: customers trust reviews from other users who have purchased the same product. If someone writes a negative review on a site like Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc., that small gesture can damage your company’s reputation, lower your credibility, and cause you to lose sales. 

The best way to manage your online reputation is to be proactive rather than reactive. If you haven’t been paying attention to your online reputation, now’s the time to start, and here’s where to begin!

Monitor reviews posted by customers on popular review websites. 

Review sites like Yelp, Amazon, TripAdvisor, etc., are becoming increasingly popular among consumers looking for information about local businesses. These websites allow users to rate and comment on different aspects of a business, including food, service, cleanliness, location, etc. 

Monitoring reviews is essential when it comes to maintaining a strong online presence. Several review platforms such as Amazon allow you to monitor customer feedback by visiting the Help and Support section of the Amazon dashboard. Here, you’ll find information about customer complaints, including the number of times each complaint was made. You can also view detailed reports about your product pages and customer reviews. That’s why companies such as SaharaCase pay so much attention to their Amazon product pages, with fantastic results! 

Search for and respond to any reviews on industry-specific sites. 

Both positive and negative reviews can impact your reputation and sales, and perhaps even more so on a review site that specializes in your industry. If you discover a review, it’s important to respond quickly and politely. Thanking them shows appreciation for their time and effort and demonstrates that you care about your reputation and that you’re willing to go above and beyond. If it’s a negative review, don’t argue with the reviewer; instead, thank him/her for taking the time to share his/her opinion. With several positive reviews across multiple technology sites, Preciate is a great example of a company who stays on top of their digital reputation. 

Respond to reviews on your social media accounts.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others allow businesses to connect with customers and prospects. Just like Amazon, TripAdvisor, and other review sites, reviews on social media are used by both consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions. Responding to reviews is a critical part of maintaining a positive reputation on social media, and smart businesses like the Print Authority are on top of their social media accounts and review posts. 

While social media can often be a more emotionally volatile environment, when responding to negative reviews, it’s vital that businesses still work to address the issues raised in the comment section, or choose to contact the reviewer directly to resolve the issue.  Monitoring customer feedback also allows businesses to identify trends and patterns in consumer behavior. For example, Cinesamples pays frequent attention to their social media platforms, responding to users consistently and building their stellar reputation. 

Check reviews on your Google My Business Profile. 

Google My Business is a tool that allows businesses to set up a listing on Google Maps so customers can find them easily. In addition to being able to view your GMB listing, users can leave reviews, photos, and videos. Google uses several signals when determining search rankings including things like popularity, relevance, and authority, and reviews are a very powerful signal that Google uses to rank websites higher in searches. Take the example of The Lash Professional in Arizona; they have a 4.2-star rating, with 39 reviews, which goes a long way to boosting their visibility. 

No matter your industry, the internet has become one of the most powerful tools for businesses to reach potential customers, and companies should always strive to create a positive online presence. Stay vigilant about monitoring your online reputation, and start paying attention to any or all of these websites to get started!