Online Marketing Drives Valuable Leads: Navigating Digital Marketing For A Law Firm

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Digital marketing can drive a number of clients to a particular law firm when done efficiently. Online marketing can seem like a foreign language when you dive deep into SEO/SEM blogs. The technical aspects should not worry a firm as there are so many talented individuals that can help. A fledgling firm might want to hire a few digital marketing freelancers that have law firm experience. Partnering with an agency as mentioned below takes a bit of a larger budget as most agencies have a minimum spend amount. The following will be areas to consider when trying to navigate digital marketing for a law firm. 

Setting An Initial Budget

Setting a budget can be complicated without previous data a firm has gathered. The ability to set a budget should depend on the ROI of marketing spending. A firm that sees a great ROI for its marketing campaigns will want to ramp up its marketing efforts. A point in time will come when the returns start to diminish which can set a budget for upcoming months. The other money can be allocated to other areas to see what they deliver in terms of results. 

Partnering With Digital Marketing Agency 

A digital marketing agency that specializes in working with law firms can be a godsend. Asking for previous results for the area of law the firm covers will be essential. Personal injury is going to be the most competitive as a single case can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees for a firm. Divorce and bankruptcy attorneys usually have set rates versus an injury firm that takes a percentage of a settlement. 

Sprucing up the website to make it search engine friendly is likely to be the first order of business a digital marketing agency recommends. Attracting visitors to a website that has bugs or looks subpar will not result in the optimal number of leads. 

Keyword research will be so important whether targeting personal injury keywords or those for custody attorneys. The research completed can help identify which works drive the most results. A smaller firm will likely target some less competitive keywords due to budget restrictions. The research done can shape content marketing, PPC campaigns, and even keywords included on the firm’s website.

Content marketing can help build backlinks that drive search engine rankings. The content can also be used to educate potential clients. The legal process can seem quite complicated so putting a complicated facet of a case in simple terms can be invaluable. Education can also instill trust that a firm has the best interest of its client in mind. Irons & Irons, a North Carolina car accident lawyer who has detailed content on specific injuries. The relevance of the content to even one potential client can help land the client for the firm. Various forms of content can be used or recreated in different ways if they were previously popular. 

PPC is a huge part of personal injury law with clicks having some of the highest costs per click. The agency that handles this should have previous results generated before entering into any type of agreement. A firm can spend a massive amount without results in a matter of a month depending on the niche of law they practice.

Handling social media in-house is going to be wise but needs to be coordinated with the digital marketing team’s efforts. Promoting content is a main use of social media as it can help drive engagement. Find a professional that has driven follower numbers along with revamped another firm’s digital marketing strategy. A budget should also be allocated for promoting posts and targeted social media ads. 

Gathering All Of The Data Possible 

Gathering data on all marketing campaigns can help direct strategy for upcoming quarters. Data collection can be done through a number of tools with Google Analytics being incredibly important. A website traffic increase is far less important than the number of quality leads coming through the website. Looking at the location the traffic is coming from is also invaluable. Certain digital marketing agencies might send foreign traffic to a website to feign real relevant traffic increases. 

Digital marketing is such a vast landscape when it comes to law firms. The financial rewards make nearly all niches of law incredibly competitive in terms of digital marketing. Do not underestimate the growth that a solid digital marketing strategy can bring a firm. Falling behind the competition is not an option if digital marketing is not in the annual budget but can occur.