Handling Marketing For A Small Local Business: Tips To Maximize Marketing Spend

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Marketing online can be a challenge for any business that is just starting out. Getting the website established and designed professionally is an important step. Leading potential customers to a low-quality website will decrease leads/closing conversion rates. The website should not do anything to scare potential customers away but businesses do this on a daily basis. The marketing budget is not going to be extremely large for most small local businesses so it should be spent wisely. The following are tips for a small local business to get the most out of its marketing budget. 

Target The Right Keywords With Content

Targeting the right keywords whether it is tree pruning or HVAC services is so important. Keyword research can be handled by a freelancer or marketing professional. You want to make sure you are competing for keywords that drive traffic to your website. Targeting the wrong services or keywords can lead to a lack of sales from marketing efforts. Content that is created should also include these keywords but they should be included in a way that reads naturally within the content. 

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media is free to post on and can allow for cheap targeted ads to be created. Creating a month of content should not take too long and you can schedule posts. This can make it easy to announce events or sales without having to handle social media copywriting daily. Do not discount this as a way to drive leads as sales and traffic from social media platforms can be immense. Take the time to see which social media platform delivers the most in terms of ROI and what does provide any return. 

Email Marketing Can Work

Email marketing is a cheap way to potentially drive traffic and sales. Creating a relevant email list could be done over the course of time. This does not mean that you should send an email blast daily as this will lead to a multitude of recipients unsubscribing from future emails. Try A/B testing to see what type of copywriting and email design drives the best results. Testing emails against one another is a classic way to start improving email marketing using data. 

Track All ROI On Money Spent

Tools are available regardless of where online you are spending your marketing budget. Track everything as you might find that putting more money into a certain tactic drives sales. There could be a point of diminishing returns but this is something you have to find out. The ability to allocate money to a marketing strategy that has worked over the course of time provides quite a bit of comfort. If you have used a digital marketing agency in the past, asking for data of their campaigns can also be wise. 

Online marketing can seem complex but it is important to try a variety of things. Counting a tactic out can be more valuable rather than continually throwing money into the strategy and hoping it works. Based strategies on trends and data rather than a gut feeling like has been done for so long by a number of entrepreneurs.