How to Create and Market an Online Training Program

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Sell your first online course? You’re not alone. Many company executives now appreciate the advantages of offering paid and free classes. Online classes increase engagement, lead lists, and revenues. You may also teach your clients how to optimize the value of your product or service, which may increase repeat business. 

Learning management system (LMS) sales are estimated to reach $28.1 billion by 2025. LMS courses that address their goals and pain areas are more popular than ever. Companies like Lash Professional has successfully built a business around training new estheticians on how to open their own business. 

Let’s discuss how to make your first online class successful. 

Marketing your online course starts with a website landing page. New and returning clients should know about the release. This method will boost pre-orders and course enthusiasm. 

Your landing page should emphasize class value. What do visitors get by joining up? If you focus on how what you teach will benefit participants, you’ll receive more signups. Show clearly the value they receive by taking the course.

Your landing page may reward early sign ups. Pre-launch sign ups may receive discounts or bonuses. This is an effective strategy to boost sales.

Use live events to tease customers

Live events on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can also promote your first online course. Over 3.6 billion individuals utilize social media, therefore your target audience is ready for you. They are already on the platforms you can use to reach them. 

You may hold a webinar on a lesson plan topic. This free lesson will help you build brand loyalty and increase course enrollment. Q&A sessions on plan themes might further expose your classes to attendees. 

Use this chance to learn about your audience. Write down audience questions and concerns during the event. Send a feedback form afterward to improve future marketing initiatives. 

Contact subscribers

Social networking, email marketing, and push alerts may have generated many leads. Spend time establishing marketing campaigns for each channel for your existing subscribers. 

Leads increase signup opportunities. Segment your lead lists to distribute offers to consumers who will benefit from your course to enhance outcomes. 

An online pet store owner designing a puppy care course might separate their list. A cat owner might not want to attend a non-cat-related class. However, their dog-category consumers make great leads for this class. Any product or service follows this reasoning. Consumers desire information about their interests. 

Send numerous email and push alert reminders before the event. You could send mails a month before the event and once a week before the course release. During launch week, my firm sends a few more communications. 

Engage with subscribers on social media. Thus, don’t only promote your class with a few posts. Instead, answer course-related remarks. People are more inclined to enroll in your class if you’re responsive and helpful. 


Marketing your first online course may seem overwhelming. With practice, you may master this business component and substantially increase traffic, revenue, and engagement. Start your trip with today’s recommendations. After a few weeks, examine your statistics and adjust your next lesson plan.